Axio Labs and GENXXL forum owner - Murdered

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    Biggest Steroid Dealer in the World Murdered
    Last night, around 1AM, South Africa time, Brian Wainstein was murdered in his bed next to his wife and child. It’s suspected (and I suspect) that his murder was a hit by someone he knew and had shady dealings with, as the only three cellphones were stolen.

    Here’s my reasoning:

    1. If you have three cellphones, you’re doing something shady
    2. Stealing the cellphones (likely burners) would prevent the police from getting a list of his contacts, one of whom is almost certainly responsible for his murdee
    It’s a moot point now, but he had eluded law enforcement authorities for years while he openly ran Axio Labs, GENXXL, and a bunch of other steroid firms.

    Eventually he was caught and charged, not only in South Africa but in the United States. In the media he was known as The Steroid King.

    I suspect he was going to flee South Africa before he could be extradited, as he was caught this past winter (their summer, my winter) with a stash of uncut diamonds — the original cryptocurrency:

    Logically, we might assume he planned to go back to Israel, where he had previously lived and held citizenship, a country with notoriously difficult extradition laws.

    A few years ago he had threatened me for writing something about him (I don’t remember what it was), and had some of his remailers enlisted to “find me.” In this respect he joined a moderately sized and not-very-exclusive club of disgruntled readers who’ve threatened me. I can’t say I cried when he finally got caught, but neither do I find any joy in his death.

    I’ll close by saying I doubt that his murder was directly tied to steroids, and find it far more likely (let’s call it an educated guess) that he was involved in other stuff.

    It’s always the other stuff…
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    Aug 11, 2010
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    Only AR can make someone's murder turn into a post about himself....
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    I didn't know that AR was still making noises these days....

    I remember when he mocked me for recommending HCG with someone's TRT protocol because only homosexuals care about having large balls.... I guess under that standard, all the people that agree with me that HCG on a weekly basis is prudent in TRT are homosexuals....

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