Aromatase Inhibitors for guy on TRT?

Discussion in 'Testosterone Replacement therapy (TRT)' started by letsgopats, Dec 4, 2015.

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    Oct 22, 2010
    I've been on TRT for 3+ years. I am using a topical application (Andogel 1.62 - 3 squirts). Because my hormone profile was unusual and my regular doctor didn't know what to make of it, I was referred to an endocrinologist. Although he ultimately prescribed TRT, he seems to be WAY on the conservative end when it comes to TRT.

    Early on, my prescribed dose brought me within the lab reference ranges, but both last year and again this year, my levels have fallen below the reference range. (This year total T was 292 ng/dl and freeT was 4.8 pg/ml). All of the other lab results (CBC/PSA) were well within reference ranges.

    Last year's labs were pretty similar (301 total; 4.3 free), but when when I sought permission to boost my dose last year, the endo balked. Although I am not as bad off as I was before I started TRT (not currently experiencing brain fog or perceptual distortions like before), the TRT just doesn't seem to be as effective as when I started. I am hoping to get some adjustment to boost my T levels when I see the endorsement in about a week, but I'm not optimistic based on past experience.

    I am curious whether adding an AI to exogenous T would boost either total or free T without magnifying potential risks. (No one has ever measured my estradiol levels, so if that is a prerequisite for AI's, he'll probably balk at that too.)

    Any experienced folk with advice? I'd like to see if I can't kick my total and especially free T up a notch or two.
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    Dec 31, 2011
    I was on max dose Andro (10g a day) and it worked for the first 3 months and then my levels tanked. Androgel is worthless. All it did was suppress your own natural production and you are seeing the results now with the lowering of your levels. Try and get on an injectable protocol. My understanding is that the feedback loop does look at estro and suppressing it perhaps may give you a slight boost from some stopping some conversion but if you are supplementing with test then you are shut down and won't create more. Just my opinion.

    Note only is Androgel worthless, it was costing $400 a month. One injectable $75 dollar vial of Watson lasts 3 months.
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    Any testosterone you take no matter the delivery method WILL suppress your natural production. Once you start TRT your body will not make T on its own.

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