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Anyone use this vitamin company



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May 23, 2011

Has been around for several years and I was just curious what y'all thought was on their products. Prices don't seem too bad but it's not clear if their B12 is injectable or oral. They do not answer any questions because the legalities of giving advice on products for selling.

Just curious if anyone is ever bought from them and do you think their items are injectable or oral because some of their products are useless as an oral supplement.

this is on their FAQ
10.) How do you take these products?
These are liquid pharmaceutical grade professional potency dietary supplements only. Dietary Supplements (please read by definition) our disclaimer on our website states the intended use of our dietary supplements. It is up the end user on how they incorporate the supplements to their personal regimen. We have had many customers contact us in regards to the other methods of incorporating the vitamins in order to help assist with their personal goals.
All of the vitamin supplements are filtered through a .22 UM filtration device to assist in ridding bacteria, fungus or unwanted foreign objects that can affect the potency of our products. Our manufacture uses sterile practices to preserve the vitamins to help maintain maximum potency. This is our way of offering a highly concentrated sterile technique OTC dietary supplements in their purest forms, compared to our competitors in our opinion. Many of our customers have informed us about other methods of using the product without any issue or concern. Many seem to prefer a more direct method of use for superior results.
PLEASE NOTE: You cannot order a prescription medication without the script or order from a licensed MD, DO, and or primary physician. A script nor a doctor’s order is required for our products at the time of purchase because they are OTC DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS, not a pharmaceutical medication. They are labelled as dietary supplements and do not contain any USP or Lot#’s.


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Sep 20, 2020
I've been ordering from them for a couple years now. Mostly for my husband, but I'll take b12 inj. every now and then. We really loved getting the ampules from VitaminQuick and Boca Vitamin, both which have since been shut down recently:( I found a place in the UK that sells pure b12 powder, has to be mixed with 10ml of saline. This is the link if you'd like to see (this website says I'm trying to spam you, soo, I took out the link, look it up yourself, Oxford Biosciences. As for your question, I say they are legit (,if you sign up for email, they will send you a 20% off code and your bottles of methyl b12 come within 3-5 days!!


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May 24, 2017
I still buy my vitamins and just about everything else from Amazon. Change is hard for me lol


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May 23, 2011
Well I didn't trust injecting any of the stuff I got from them. Looking at the labels it doesn't mention anything about sterile water it just says water. I've never seen anything that was injectable that didn't include the word sterile. The company will not answer any questions whatsoever the only thing you're allowed to do is send positive feedback period if you send negative feedback they'll actually block your email address from ordering again which would be no reason to but I got a newsletter from them saying how they don't tolerate people bad mouthing the product.

It was a big waste of money because never could tell if it was oral or injectable and I'm definitely not injecting something that's not processed correctly. As far as that post above that saying their praises makes me a little suspicious.


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Nov 1, 2010
You know you can get 100 ml “sterile” from chewy, petco etc for $5. Right?


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Sep 1, 2010
The OP was 5 months ago before someone responded.. lol

Anyways, I use and have for awhile. You get an actual brand name from Sandoz, and not a generic underground version.
Dunno, for certain items like b12, AI's, and testosterone, I prefer to use brand named stuff. But thats just me. And dont mind paying extra for it. Plus they also carry B1, B6 and Vitamin C injections. All brand name products..