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Anyone remember the Universal Gyms back in the 1980's?

Dawgpound Hank

Dawgpound Hank

VIP Member
Mar 20, 2023
Had one in the football weight room in HS and also at the local YMCA. I loved the seated overhead press station. As a matter of fact, that's the only machine that the Y had. Other than that, a squat rack, flat bench, barbell and db's up to 60 lbs. The good ol' days!

Oh yeah, did any of you guys remember the term "Roman Ladder" from back in the 70's, and perhaps earlier? That's what everybody in my area/Ohio coined for using the Universal bench press to do a mega pyramid/reverse pyramid. You'd start with a low weight, do a set of 10, have someone immediately change the pin to like 2 plates more, do as many as possible, and keep doing that all the way up to a weight until you could only get 1 rep. After that, same thing, but now back DOWN. So you ended up doing like 10-20 sets back to back, which varied due to different strength & endurance levels. Roman Ladder - was this a nationwide thing or just here in Buckeye land?
jipped genes

jipped genes

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Oct 22, 2022
Yepper! They had one at my church at their rec center.
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