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Anyone Know if TRT Clinics & PCP's Share Records?



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Sep 21, 2020
Hey all - I've been on TRT for a little over a year and I've been going through my regular primary care physician for treatment/monitoring. Everything is going mostly well. However, I want to increase my dose of test cyp to go on a mini blast here and there. My doc has already told me he wont increase my test any higher (150mg/wk) and he'd rather reduce my test than prescribe an AI even though I have some gyno symptoms but nothing major - yet. I have concerns about getting test or anything else from ugl's because of legal and reliability reasons.

I was thinking of going to a TRT clinic for the extra test as it is financially feasible for me. Perhaps I could get an extra 150mg or even 200mg/week if im lucky, plus an AI, in addition to my 150 from my doc.

Anyone know if the blood work results from TRT clinics is accessible by PCP's? Seems like everything is shared these days and I dont want my doc to discontinue my test if he finds out I went to a clinic.



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Sep 16, 2010
I know that most places will use all the same labs so your Dr would see other blood results ordered by other places. However, you can do this, not sign the paperwork to share any PHI and this will prevent sharing across systems.

But I say, why not check the clinic out and post back for all of us to know?


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Dec 20, 2017
They can only share if you allow it on the form they will have you sign to list people who can have access to your records. I am sure of this as I went through a similar situation and my Dr never knew. I flat out told them not to share my info with anyone and to document my file with that request. If they do it's big $ lawsuit time.


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Mar 21, 2017
Not TRT clinic, but back a few years I went to a weightloss clinic to get phentermine and they ran a full set of tests and shared them with my family doctor, all super concerned about one of my kidney values. My family doctor said his usual "its the same number it always is, it only concerns me if it gets worse." I'm pretty sure I gave the weightloss clinic permission to contact my doctor when I signed up, as well as his contact info. It was annoying though.

Happy to have found a better source for phentermine without office visits.


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Sep 21, 2020
Thanks for all of the insight. I'll update status when I can.
Ya so this probably wont work. Went to a walk in clinic today for the physical and lo and behold it turns our medications are all stored on a central electronic medication management software system . Sure medical records cannot be shared without a consent to release but apparently medications are available to anyone who is performing a physical. Name, b-day, address is all they need. Perhaps this is just in my state idk. My guess is to prevent "doctor shopping" as a result of the opiod crisis. My test, dosage, and last refill is all right there. Back to plan B - ugl's.


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Oct 2, 2011
Yep, the issue usually comes up at the pharmacy that's filling the controlled substance. In my state they can see all meds you're being prescribed and who prescribes it. The pharmacist can, and usually will contact doctor's offices to ask questions about the multiple scripts. My buddy was narced on by a Pharmacy for trying to do the same thing.


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Oct 12, 2010
That pharmacy database is national. Try to get life insurance. They will ask about every drug you've ever been prescribed.

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Nov 24, 2011
FWIW, you will see ZERO difference in muscle mass at 200 vs 150.

It is not until you hit well into super-physiological levels that test becomes a big player in muscle mass.

Within the natural ranges, test really doesn't mean much. A great way this can be seen is over the years there have been a ton of supplement test boosters that actually worked quite well. Many are now banned. They were mostly based on herbal AI's. Over the years 100's of people posting blood work, going from 400 to over 1000. Yet no significant mass gains have ever been seen from people taking test boosters. They is just that within natural ranges it does not matter much.

Now if you want to bump up to 500mg, sure, you are significantly shifting the curve. I would not go dr shopping to just get 50mg more test. Use TRT for quality of life, not gym gains.

If you want to run a cycle outside your TRT go for it.

I have been on TRT for 7 years. I have a script for 200/ week, but have found I feel best at around 125. It makes ZERO difference in gains or losses if I drop down.

I dont know anything about your background, or maybe provide some more info, but trt levels of test do nothing for you anabolic wise. If you are truly deficient, they can make you 'normal' again.