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Any of you guys into investing/ trading?



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Sep 12, 2010
Hope all you savage warriors are healthy and still getting your workouts in! Any of you guys into investing/ trading/ crypto..ect? Just curious to hear what others are doing to profit during these insane times. I personally scooped a couple rental properties that i specifically only rent out to traveling medical staff for our local hospital which is paying off huge right now, Ive been advocating and buying gold since it was 1300 per OZ, I've been and am still buying silver, I have been investing in gold and silver mining companies like AUY, KGC that have been outperforming the market dramatically. And lastly ive been getting pretty serious with crypto, im 100% convinced that it is going to eventually replace the current monetary system, Im a late adopter to the crypto space but I believe its still in its infancy and has room to run over the years. I pretty much want out of the dollar because with the amount of money printing the fed is doing I believe its only the matter of time before we see massive inflation.. what are you guys getting into to increase/preserve wealth?


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Nov 4, 2010
Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate......Everyone needs a home, we wont be living in cars anytime soon.....
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Dec 20, 2017
I have a Roth 401k w/ 3%match. Limited choices so I mixed it between Lg - Sm stock and just let er run. Been buying Gold at my brothers urging for over 20 yrs. Bars and coins sitting in his huge safe in his basement with a Glock sitting right inside the door. He has a much larger collection than I do. Last count about 6 mo. ago I was over 100k. Good thing is nobody really knows about it so...………………..


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Oct 12, 2010
Been investing mostly for 25+ years. Trading a little. Have a little gold...not enough. Real estate, stocks, cryptos.

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Aug 11, 2010
I'm holding cash patiently waiting to for CCL, JETS, WFC to get to my buy in target numbers.
Lizard King

Lizard King

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Sep 9, 2010
Under $8 for CCL wasn't in your target @mugzy or just missed it when it dipped that low? Do you like RCL as well?


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Sep 27, 2010
As far as crypto, looking at XTZ (Tezos). Trying to keep 80% in BTC/ETH. Exercising more XMR, to respect the times/dark markets.


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Oct 12, 2010
BTC just had its halving a week or so ago. Historically, after it halves it sees a huge surge. I'm waiting...

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Sep 26, 2013
It's a perfect storm of stupid in the stock market right now
[email protected] (Linette Lopez)
Business InsiderMay 21, 2020, 10:46 AM EDT
  • Close to 800,000 people have created new brokerage accounts on 3 out of 4 of America's top brokerage platforms since the coronavirus pandemic hit the country.
  • That means tons of new people are playing the markets at a time when things are so uncertain that hundreds of companies canceled their 2020 earnings guidance. There is no model that can predict what's about to happen to the economy or the market.
  • That means tons of new people desperate for a coronavirus vaccine are now betting on potential treatments and cures. Just this week the market handed billions to 2 companies that made headlines without showing any real data.
  • This is very stupid, and people are going to get played.
  • There are a lot of words people who watch the markets use to describe it's conditions. Sometimes it's choppy, other times it's swooning. Right now the condition of the market is stupid.
A perfect storm of events has gathered to create this condition of stupidity, and each event contributes in its own special way. They are all related, of course, to the most important thing in our world at the moment — the coronavirus pandemic.
Thanks to the coronavirus millions of Americans are bored at home, some without a job. And as a result, according to the Financial Times, 780,000 of these bored people have created accounts with the three of the four largest brokerages in the US — Charles Schwab, ETrade and Interactive Brokers.
This herd of newbies has charged into the market at a time of incredible uncertainty. Hundreds of companies in the S&P 1500 have withdrawn their revenue guidance for the year 2020, leaving these new investors with little to go on in the way of forward-looking statements.
We know the second quarter will look much, much uglier than the first, but anyone who thinks they know how ugly is trying to call the score of a game before it's over and after the rules of the game have been completely changed.
You will not find a genius on Wall Street, in the Federal Reserve, or at NASA who can call what is about to happen in the stock market. So no matter how smart your friend with the new trading account thinks they are, tell them (gently) that they cannot call it either.
We're all too emotional to trade drugs right now
Trading is hard, anyone will tell you, and it is in large part a mind game. To get it right you have to understand your emotions and your biases. This is why there is a whole cottage industry of psychiatrist trading coaches. At this precise moment almost every human being has an innate bias toward finding a coronavirus vaccine or treatment. The market is reflecting the depth of emotion behind that bias in its wild fluctuations whenever there is even the slightest news about about a vaccine breakthrough.
Over the last few days we've seen two companies make coronavirus-curing headlines without even remotely having the data to back it up. The most impactful headlines were about Moderna, a company that claimed its vaccine was getting a positive immune response in human trials on Monday morning.
The market lost it's mind on that news. The company's stock jumped 26%. Moderna's CEO, Stephane Blancel, did a victory lap interview for a credulous Joe Kernan on CNBC. Literally overnight the company raised $1.4 billion. The whole market rallied. It was a true Cinderella story.
It took a full 24 hours before the market actually read Moderna's clinical trial, which cited COVID-19 antibodies forming in only eight subjects. The market also noticed that the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which was partnering with the company, did not release an endorsement of the company's findings as it usually does.
Once the market digested all of that Moderna's stock fell over 10% and the market went with it. No one did their homework, and no one has since apologized. Welcome to Wall Street. The market didn't learn its lesson either. On Wednesday Inovio Pharmaceuticals announced that its COVID-19 vaccine was producing positive results in animals and that it expected data in the coming weeks. The stock jumped over 8%.
The pharmaceutical industry was already opaque and scammy. Now suddenly everyone in the stock market is invested in a specific outcome from the sector. They want to be the person who scores big on a life saving treatment. In fact, they'll be afraid to miss out opportunities. I have an extremely active subconscious, and I could not have dreamt a more perfect condition for separating investors from their money if I tried.

Making bottles and models
Wall Street, of course, is beside itself trying to grasp on to something through this uncertainty. It is already a culture where original thinking can be frowned upon (it might upset your boss or your client); where every assumption is based on an old model; and where everyone is cribbing off of each other's work.
There is no model for the economic reopening from coronavirus, and the closest possible model we have — China — is flawed. And it's not just flawed because the numbers China has provided the world about its experience with coronavirus are extremely dubious, it's flawed because the US is simply not going to get off the mat like China did. Our economies are too different.
Some of Wall Street understands this and some of it doesn't. In the column of people who get it you may place Chief China Economist Robin Xing and Chief Cross-Asset Strategist Andrew Sheets at Morgan Stanley.
Xing explained what China watchers already know — China's economic rebound has been led by manufacturing and industrial sectors. The country's service sector, especially when it comes to transportation and leisure, is still pretty dormant. Consumption is low as the economic deep freeze of hard lockdown hit households and small and medium sized businesses (much of China's private sector) the hardest.
That is bad news for the US. Most of our economy is made of small- and medium-sized businesses in the service sector. Consumption is what we do. Manufacturing makes up such a small part of this picture that last year was the worst year for the sector since the financial crisis, and the US economy hummed right along, shrugging it off.
Manufacturing will not lead America out of this economic malaise, it simply isn't big enough. The coronavirus has hit our economy exactly where it counts, in services. The China model isn't going to work here.
In sum, what we have in the market is an unholy mess. We have bored, unseasoned, emotionally conflicted investors playing around in a murky pool where one of the most opaque sectors has the ability to make the biggest waves. It's very stupid — people are going to drown.
Read the original article on Business Insider


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Dec 25, 2010
investing in cryptos and drug/biotech companies is not investing, it's gambling. Nothing wrong with it, but let's just be honest and call it what it is.

There are a handful of people who have extensive knowledge of therapeutics and pharmaceuticals and understand the FDA regulatory process, etc. Those people are actually "investing" in various drug companies.

I'm not even keen on investing in gold. I'm open to buying some amount for purposes of creating a hedge against inflation, but honestly, it's intrinsic worth is not really growing. If inflation gets out of hand, gold goes up, but it only reflects the decreased value of the dollar. If things really went to shit, gold won't do you too much good. what you'll want is a vegetable garden and ammo.

There's the tortoise and the hare when it comes to money. I'm the tortoise. Slow and plodding. It ain't sexy, but I'll get there. LOL
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