Anti-inflammatory effects of insulin

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    A raise in insulin after the workout acts as an anti-inflamatory , although I do both it looks like PWO insulin for bodybuilding is more important than pre-workout shots imo.

    ANTI-INFLAMMATORY EFFECTS OF INSULIN Hyperinsulinaemia, hyperaminoacidaemia and post-exercise muscle anabolism: the search for the optimal recovery drink -- Manninen 40 (11): 900 -- British Journal of Sports Medicine
    Recently, Dandona et al80 proposed that insulin is the ideal anti-inflammatory agent for critically ill patients, because it normalises plasma glucose concentrations (glucose is proinflammatory) while exerting its anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, insulin suppresses generation of reactive oxygen species and the expression of p47phox, a key component of NADPH oxidase, the enzyme that generates the superoxide radical.80 Thus, insulin has antioxidant effects too. As strenuous exercise produces muscle inflammation81 as well as increases generation of reactive oxygen species,82 it is possible that post-exercise hyperinsulinaemia offers additional benefits beyond muscle protein synthesis.

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