Anavar vs primobolan

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    Aug 2, 2015
    Hello, I'm wondering why Anavar (tried 4 different brands already) always causes me a massive hair loss even if it's only a 10mg cycle. . . While injectable Primobolan that usually causes a lot of hair loss doesn't even make me shed a bit, is there any explanation for this?
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    Oct 28, 2010
    I don't have an answer as it is beyond my paygrade on how AAS effect dhea and thee like, but might suggest as crazy as it sounds I read an article one time where a compeling arguement was made for anadrol.

    What are the Best Steroids for Women?

    April 5, 2012 By Bill Roberts

    Q: What are the best anabolic steroid for women? Are Anavar andPrimobolan the best bets to minimize masculinizing side effects?

    A: It may seem surprising but IMO Anadrol (oxymetholone) is a good choice for women who wish to be conservative yet have very effective results.

    I don’t specialize in cycles for women and don’t choose to involve myself with it — it almost only happens when the wife of someone I’m working with wants to use some anabolic steroids as well — but I haven’t seen 25 mg/day in divided doses go wrong yet.

    Medically, you’d be astonished at the doses women and even girls have taken with very low virilization rates. So anyway, contrary to what intuition might suggest, Anadrol is not one of the riskier choices for women.

    That aside, 15 mg/day of Anavar (oxandrolone) will be virilizing in quite a few cases. Probably about 5 mg/day of oxandrolone is comparable to 25 mg/day Anadrol (divided doses) for risk.

    Primobolan up to 50 mg/week, divided injections, is a common and reasonable choice, but has some risk: not a particularly high rate though.

    I first learned of [Anadrol for women] from Dan Duchaine. In the earlier parts of Denise Rutkowski’s career, he had her on 25 mg/day Anadrol. I don’t think I’m disclosing a secret here because he also published this. She obviously did very well with it and at that point she was not virilized at all. So from him mentioning this to me, I looked further into it.

    The medical doses are pretty astonishing. The reason that 50 mg is the tablet size is because that’s the standard minimal medical dose, including for women and children! It used to be used extensively for improving red blood cell count.

    I’m sure I could find it again, and I’ve posted it before, but there’s at least one paper in the literature reporting doses used for quite a large number of women and reporting low incidence of any side effects. And these doses were often more than 50 mg/day. Sometimes much more.

    And further, personally I’ve never seen 25 mg/day go wrong.

    I’m not saying it can’t: you see some women developing hoarse voices and facial hair naturally with time, so there must be some women that are right on the edge. But generally speaking, this is a conservative dose, yet quite effective.

    The mg amount that women can tolerate of Anadrol is markedly higher than any other anabolic steroid. However, that said, it’s also true that effect per mg is less, but not enough so to make up the safety difference IMO. I would put 25 mg/day Anadrol (in divided doses) up against 50 mg/week Primo any time for effectiveness and it’s at least equally conservative.

    Another thing about Anadrol that’s remarkable is that other anabolic steroids are very easily disruptive of the menstrual cycle. Even dosages such as 2.5 mg oxandrolone 2x/day commonly raise issues. Anadrol however medically has shown often only moderate effect on the menstrual cycle at 50 mg/day, and in my too-limited experience with it (as I generally don’t work with women on steroid cycles) 25 mg/day only lightened and shortened the cycles slightly. Remarkably less disruptive.

    As a rough rule of thumb: take a dosage that would be quite moderate for a man, nearly the minimum likely to be recommended that could still give reasonable results for a novice, then divide by 10 to have something that’s moderate but effective for a woman.

    (I don’t mean effective in the women’s pro bodybuilding sense.)

    For each individual steroid, my suggested mild-but-effective dosage range may differ from the above slightly, and of course the above also is only approximate because there will be diffferent opinions as to what would be moderate for a man. But if having nothing else to work with, if you see or are considering a dosage and want to do a quick “reality check,” the above can help. For example, say that someone is proposing EQ at 100 mg/week. Multiply by 10, and our comparison would be to 1000 mg/week of EQ for a man. That’s well above being a mild cycle. So we can see at a glance that this EQ dose is off, without having had to remember specific values for each steroid.

    I’d also take Winstrol out of the equation, as it’s possible (I’m not certain) it has a somewhat worse benefits/risk ratio for women than most other anabolic steroids.
    Also in general I’d forget stacking for women.

    Returning to the stacks you asked about, and in general to anabolic steroids other than Anadrol for women:

    I can’t say that it couldn’t possibly be that some stacking method might give better ratio of muscle gain to side effects, but as to whether we know what that is, that’s another question entirely. The best understood uses are single-drug, and single-drug works fine. Primo or Anadrol are my top two choices for bodybuilding and fitness; oxandrolone is also acceptable but must be lower dosed than those two; for quality of life enhancement, very very low dose testosterone works fine.
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    Nov 15, 2016
    I have run both separately and together and both caused havoc on my hair, but Anavar was worse. My hair was falling out terrible, coarse, curly kinky and anything else you could think of, it was so depressing but for me, the side effect was worth it because of the amount of muscle I put on and strength increases. It was a good stack for me to begin with.
    I have run Mast with no effect on my hair and currently running Test E and my hair has never looked or felt better, fuller and more volume, I am so happy that it isn't causing any hair issues.
    As a side note, I also used Anadrol because I to read that it was a very good option for women but even at the lowest of dose, my blood pressure went up noticeably so I stopped taking it.
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    Aug 6, 2016
    Both anavar and primo are DHT derivatives so both have the potential to produce hair shedding. Females seem to mention primo more often in relation to hair loss, maybe the compound is generally stronger in this regard or the fact that its injected makes the sides more pronounced. Everyone reacts slightly differently to different AAS, some people get some sides but not others, its partially a genetic thing. Your hair must be particially sensitive to anavar, I dont have such a problem with hair and anavar but I do get acne (a bit) which is annoying, its just one of those things. Have you tried the shampoos that help with hair loss? Nizoril etc. I use them when Im on primo and it helps.
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    Aug 27, 2010
    What dosages are you women running on the Var? My wife loves her Var tabs, and she doesn't experience those sides with her hair. Just like Veronica said.

    My wife likes to vary her dose at 5-10mg per day, for 6 weeks. 5mg a day the first week, and 10mg a day after that. She looks great, no complaints on my end whether on or off Var, lol.

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