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Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy



Aug 30, 2011
So almost 3 years to the date since my low back fusion and here I am right back at square one with siactic pain in my left lag again and brutal low back pain.

S1 disc is pretty much gone after taking up slack below the fused discs. Totally different procedure than the fusion. They have to go in from the front which creates lot more risks.
10% of losing my sexual urge, lol. I'm 60 but still have plenty left in the tank and after 37 years of marriage, sex has been the best it has ever been. (go figure) anyway, that right there is a no go for me.

So Ive been researching holistic procedures for pain relief from ANF Therapy, Red Light Therapy, Lymph drainage etc

Finding places that actually offer these therapies is hard, at least where I'm at anyway but I did finally get in for some ANF Therapy.

ANF uses frequencies to optimize the signaling of the nervous system by restoring the normal biochemical reactions in the cells. As a result, symptoms such as pain and/or inflammation decrease, and the bodily functions normalize.

I had two sessions so far and it seemed to help but not sure if it was placebo or not. So I'll probably go back in after Christmas for another round and see how I feel.

Curious if anyone else has tried ANF Therapy or any of the others listed above and what were your results?

How does ANF work?

By combining the ANF Discs*, a frequency emitting wearable device. Each Disc is applied directly on the skin and is activated by body heat. ANF Discs* transmit a unique range of frequencies through the neurons in the body. The nervous system picks up these frequencies, starting a self healing and self-regulating process, by improving the nervous system signalling directly at the cellular level. The effect of the treatment is almost immediate when applied by a trained ANF Therapist and has remarkable durable results. ANF Therapy® does not require the use of any drugs, chemicals or machines.
*ANF Discs are Patented Model No. U202030252, ES1259974.


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Oct 3, 2016
My word, I've been going thru this for almost 30yrs now (L5-L6 Fusion)...The operation did however relieve the sciatica issue although it still presents itself on occasion!....I'm just about worn out from this situation!...

It would be nice if after 30 YEARS OF DAILY/NIGHTLY CHRONIC PAIN, that I could/would finally be over it if this worked!...



Aug 30, 2011
I feel you brother. Same here, I finally gave in to surgery because the sciatic pain was so bad I couldn't walk more than 50-100ft without having to stop and it did go away for almost 3 years but now its almost non stop again. I know I have muscle imbalances that are causing a lot of the issues but its hard to work on them when your in pain all the time and the painkillers don't do shit but fuck me up so I need to find another solution.

If you decide to try ANF therapy let me know if it helps. Hopefully you find something that helps decrease the pain some. If you do please share. lol
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