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Alli Weight Loss Drug - Friend or Foe



Aug 11, 2010
Who would have guessed that anal leakage would have been a successful motivator in the weight loss wars? The colorful kiosk at your local grocery store for the new over-the-counter diet drug, Alli, warns users to "make sure you are ready". They slyly imply that you should be ready to lose weight, but what they should be saying is "make sure you are ready... to wear adult diapers".

Alli, a non-prescription strength version of the drug Orlistat has been approved by the FDA to become the first and only over-the-counter weight loss drug. Alli works by blocking some of the fat that you eat from being absorbed by your digestive tract. The website,, claims that this reduction in fat absorption can result in 50% more weight loss than dieting alone. This sounds like a dream ticket to indulge in donuts and fried foods, but the drug's website also warns of "treatment effects". No, these are not lazer light shows at the local weight loss clinic. Treatment effects "may include gas with oily spotting, loose stools, and more frequent stools that may be hard to control" if you consume too much fat. Eew. Yuck even.

Even with the gross-out factor, Alli sales are booming. Why is this so? What Alli really amounts to is motivation and accountability, which are the winner's edge in the fight to become skinny. Anyone with a laundry list of to-do's - like clean out the garage and lose 20 pounds - has dreamed of having more motivation. Guess what? I found the secret to an unlimited supply of motivation! It's called accountability and it is your ticket to getting everything done you ever wished you could do - yes, even cleaning out the garage.

You may not put much thought into just how powerful accountability is in your life. You show up to work every day because if you don't, you will get fired or won't get paid. That is accountability. You wash your dishes because if you don't, they will smell and you won't have anything to eat off of. That is accountability. Accountability makes you do what you otherwise would not do. So, oily anal spotting and hard to control stools equals accountability for those dieters that otherwise would not be able to resist a Krispy Kreme or Quarter Pounder.

Would Alli truly be your friend, or would the brown stains in your pants and extra trips to the bathroom feel like you are at war with yourself? It is up to you to decide what kind of accountability you need in your life.


Bad Mother
Sep 27, 2010
IMO Alli is one of the least effective, most harmful diet pills on the market 2day. Yet it is the only product awarded FDA approval......whatever


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Sep 16, 2010
LOL...when that first came on to the market I went to Visit my buddy at GNC to see the status, he told me it flew off the shelves, then people came back asking what they can take to stop the anal Leakage, oily farts, and atomic

When people asked me my opinon, I said sure, take it, but I suggest you just stay home. Never read a warning lable that suggested bringing a change of clothes with