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Alcohol and gains.



Dec 18, 2022
I'm looking to gather info on people's experience having a couple drinks every now and then and making gains in the gym and burning fat as well. Obvious one isn't supposed to mix certain supplements and alcohol. What are your thoughts iron den?

Pen Sillman

VIP Member
Oct 30, 2022
Just my stupid opinion... You can drink and make gains. I certainly did. As long as you do it in moderation. But as far as alcohol and making gains goes, I can't think of a single benefit from alcohol when it comes to weight lifting or improving your health and gains. It's a dirty effing drug that has ruined more lives than it has ever helped. But, far be it from me to preach about not drinking. I'm no kind of an example. But I'll say one thing. It's f'ing hell to work out if you're hungover.
genetic freak

genetic freak

VIP Member
Dec 28, 2015
A couple drinks every now and again is open for interpretation. What is a couple and what does every now and again mean? For me, that means two beers a few times a year. In that case, no impact. For some that means, a six pack a couple times a week. Not good for bodybuilding.


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Dec 13, 2022
A couple drinks every now and again is open for interpretation. What is a couple and what does every now and again mean? For me, that means two beers a few times a year. In that case, no impact. For some that means, a six pack a couple times a week. Not good for bodybuilding.

Massive G

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Apr 10, 2020
I have never ever been a drinker. I tried it when I was young a few times and it screwed me up stamina wise. But in moderation it can good for you.


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Dec 2, 2022
If I think back on it, 90%+ of the bad decisions that I made in my life involved alcohol LOL. For sure LOL.

Imagine being your 40s and looking back and being to wipe out 90%+ of the bad decisions you ever made. That would be nice.

I personally don't drink anymore. I gave up drinking and smoking on the same day in 2019. I will say that alcohol is much better for bulking than it is for cutting. If you NEED a break from reality, I think that THC is a better choice health wise.


TID Board Of Directors
Sep 30, 2011
I drink every couple months. The biggest problem I have is appetite the next day.

I would imagine if I drank more often it could become an issue.

Or, maybe I should overeat like @jipped genes before bed then I'm good the next day. Lol
Bobby Cole

Bobby Cole

Jul 31, 2023
The human liver has almost 500 functions so why would someone who is serious about building muscle deliberately inhibit the liver’s ability to metabolize all the necessary ingredients it takes to build said muscle by drinking a liver destroyer….alcohol?
We spend thousands on supplements and work thousands of hours in the gym so why waste it over a few drinks?

A couple of beers, a little wine or a drink once in a while shouldn’t be a major concern but why chance it?
I’ve known and worked out with a couple of guys who could have gone out for their pro card but alcohol got into the mix and all they have left are the pictures.

Note: I used to drink but when I decided to change things around and build muscle, all the stupid stuff stopped. At my age, I shouldn’t be able to have any heavy gains but I’m still building.
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TID Board Of Directors
Nov 29, 2013
Intelligent questions, Bobby. The nasty thing about alcohol is it mutes the urge to give intelligent answers. Some can control it, while others can be controlled by it.

There is a solution for the latter group, however. Been there, done that, and ... off my soapbox ... for now :)
jipped genes

jipped genes

VIP Member
Oct 22, 2022
17AA or methylated steroids are hard on the liver. They can damage the liver faster and more profoundly than alcohol.

Will drinking hurt gains? I am sure it has at least some effect, dependent on amount consumed. A few brews here and there won't hurt gains but sure might cause fat gain and estrogen increase. Hey, I respect those who quit drinking. Alcohol is not good for the human body.


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Jan 19, 2011
Well fuck.. even the priest has a drink or two a day. I don't know about the monks or the cunting habits. Yeah, them their priests, they water their Italian wine down too. Fucking bisches. But yeah, unless I was very focused on training or getting ready for competition I have always had a social life where some drinking was in there. To this day I have a couple drinks with my wife every Friday night and some Saturdays unless I am focused on diet and training. It effects training definitely and obviously, even a drink or two. On the other hand depends on the drink and where it comes from. i like wine. If I am in the mediterainian or some other areas of Europe the wine/beer is so pure it has almost no impact. 10 years ago when living in Europe I would work all day, get home, cook dinner, have 1/2 a bottle of custoza white wine, take a nap and then go out for a run and go to the gym. A big part of the problem is the preservatives and other ingredients in the beverage that are detrimental. I am talking about fermented spirits and not distilled. Historically, feremnted beverages have been a mainstay and an important part of nutrition and diet in many many cultures. Alcohol and other fermentation products have been in lock step with humans since there were humans. We are adapted. Now come to the last century and we have all the other shit that does in the bottle with the fermented substance. It's a shame really. i try to stick to italian wine. If I can, I import from certain vinyards and I have a stor owner that will order certain ones for me and import through NJ. It's all in how you do it and what you drink and who you drink with and why you are drinking. The DEVIL is in the details. I always had some in my life even when I was ranked 3rd in the country in Judo in the 86 kg class whilst working 2 jobs and going to university full time. Then again, I am not typical... and now I am an old man in a different place enjoying a glass of wine or two with my wife of 40 years on a Friday night listening to her same old complaints, trying not to roll my eyes and remembering all that we went through on our journey to that bottle of Pinot Grigio.
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