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May 23, 2012
Hey, guys. Somehow I guess I missed this subforum until just now. I have been doing online training for a while now through various social media and from acquaintances/referrals. I figured I would post up my services on here as well for those interested.

For TID brothers I will offer a 12 week full contact coaching opportunity that will include diet changes as needed, weekly updates, workout/cardio routines, supps if you need assistance with that etc. I am experienced with beginners and more advanced trainees alike. As with anything sometimes it takes at least a few weeks to figure out each person's body which is why I want to allow at least a 12 week system to be sure we get some results.

I do NOT specialize in powerlifting, I can definitely help get you strong, but I am not specialized in power training programs as I've never trained for pure power myself either. This will be for muscle gain, fat loss, full body transformations, getting you in your best shape type stuff while also getting stronger or maintaining strength in a deficit which I do excel in.


My contact email for everyone here will be [email protected]. pricing for 12 weeks full contact and updates will be $150, for first timers until further notice I will offer a discounted rate of $100 for your first 12 weeks, after that when we continue services it will just be normal price. This it's a better deal than just about anyone offers for this type of training and less than i offer elsewhere but I have some good Bros on here so I'm willing to hook you guys up.

Anyone interested get a hold of me! I do have experience with all of this as well as competition prep, I don't like doing competition prep often but I will take select clients on that as it takes sooo much work and so much hands on and everyone is so different, if anyone inquires about that i will consider but pricing will be a little higher.

Looking forward to working with you guys!