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You want to be bigger? You want to turn heads when you walk the street READ:

You eat good wholesum foods for health reasons, you need calories to grow and you need calories when your big when you want to come in and stay looking big, you just need less overall..

The diets only go clean like a nun like this in the last 3-4 weeks to pull everything together to come in super dry and hard and that really only if you want to step on stage.. If you just want to general bodybuild you never have to eat like this!

You get up, you get your sugars in and some protein.. Best sugars are natural ones, so stuff like pineapple, banana great as it got goodness in it, plus the fibre helps with keeping your belly full, you eat enough to get back fullness from the fast during your sleep, if you over did it the night before then you just eat a little less sugar as your already spilled over and are full anyhow. With this you have some protein, by all means mix and match fruits, have some yogurts or even nesquick in your plain shake if eating meat/eggs in the am is just a bit too much for you.. that much better than having a protein powder full of sweetnerand other poison shit in it I can assure you.

You then eat what you need to get you through to dinner.. Again proteins, fats, carbs, nice balance... If your getting in shape and you don't want the water weight then you will have more fats, if it the other way round and your not to worries then you just eat what the hell you want so long as your not over doing it.. What 800-1500kcals depending (ball park) on the person and goal.. Obviously eat real foods for health, vary it every day, mix it up and more towards wholesum if your getting in shape.. But as long as your eating real food more often than not and your not overeating then it is not a problem what you eat.

You come home and you have yourself a real fucking meal most days, again you mix it up, anything and everything so long as it real food most the time who gives a shit what it is.. Again you eating 800-1500kcals depending on person and goal (ball park) and you are better to eat wholesum foods for health but yeah the odd takeaway or tub of icecream once in a while is fine.

Last meal of the day, again you mix it up, somedays you opt for more fatty wholesum foods, others you go for more sweet wholesum foods and other days you eat a bit of what you like, I don't know a pack of oreos or something.. What ever it is as long as you don't over do it, it doesn't matter what it is..

So long as your diet is mostly wholesum (real foods you have to cook/prepare: breads, cereals, processed meals etc are not wholesum) and you eat a good variaty of foods from veggies, to fruits to different meats then you are going to be giving yourself the best chance of eating everything you need in food for health (Full spectrum of nutriants),things where you lack you can supplement, for example iodine if your not eating your sushi rolls or if you don't eat enough fish then fish oil.. That the idea of supplement is you use them for what you can't get out of diet because you don't eat those sort of foods for what ever reason.. THAT IT. The rest is making sure that your eating enough to get the job done when growing without pigging out and packing on rolls of fat and when trying to get in shape you just need to make sure you eating enough (and no less) than required for you to get in shape.. That it, really pissing simple, no crap, no bull shit, no counting anything.. You look in the mirror and you can see when your going wrong, you listen to your body and you know.. When your trying to dial in, if you see the lines coming through steadily but your retaining you size well.. YOUR DOING IT RIGHT... You get mushy and look flat as shit all the time YOUR DOING IT WRONG! Practice will teach you how long it takes you to go from A to B and the better you start position A the quicker it will be..
When your trying to grow, you take on some extra water, you get nice and swole and make steady gains but you don't start packing on fat YOUR DOING IT RIGHT! You start packing on fat, looking like a puffer fish and the scales are moving up quickly YOUR DOING IT WRONG..AKA YOUR EATING TOO MUCH.

Your going to fell hungry some of the time dialing in, that just the way it is.. The last few weeks you will be like the walking dead if really pushing (6% and under dry) but we talking 3-4 weeks here, nothing more!

Marcos, eating like a rabbit and all that mainsteam so called bodybuilding shit is very far from the truth.. We eat like normal healthy people eat, yes good bodybuilder don't eat like fat Americano or UK citizen they eat LIKE SHIT all the time, good bodybuilder is more health concerned and eat what the body was built to eat (wholesum foods) more often than not but he is still a human being and still likes his COOKIES and just like anyone else he eats them.. Good bodbyuilder make more educated thoughts to their meal choices and when getting in shape we have to restrict things yes but that is it.. People make it hard because they read crap, buy into hype and forget they are a fucking animal and ignore everything their body is telling them.. Go stand in the mirror it was the GREATEST invention for a bodybuilder (outside of hormones etc),you stand there you look at yourself and you do that a few times a day and you listen to what the body is doing...

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