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Advanced Muscle Growth Exercises – Leg Routines



Aug 11, 2010
Here is an example of a more advanced leg routine:
Barbell squat super-setted with leg extensions i.e. perform leg extensions to muscular failure, immediately followed by squat for 10-12 reps, without any rest between the leg extensions and the squats! Warm up first, then do two of these supersets, which will probably be the hardest physical thing you’ve ever done, if done properly. If you vomit copiously or pass out after this don’t be surprised!!

For God’s sake, use a training partner or spotter on this, in case you get into difficulty with the weight!!!

If you can still even think straight after this, then perform two sets each of leg-curls and calf raises, incorporating descending sets i.e. when you reach muscular failure using a particular weight, reduce the weight and immediately carry on with a lower weight without rest, again to failure, and so on, for two or three drops.

You can perform the descending sets of calf raises and leg-curls in superset fashion, i.e. a descending set of leg-curls immediately followed by a descending set of calf raises, or you can train the leg-biceps and calves separately.

A variation on this scheme is to train the leg-biceps and calves first in the workout, then the quads. In this case, it may be better to substitute the leg-press for squats, as training hamstrings first may reduce your stability in the squat.
This is a routine that I have used interspersed with more basic strength routines, and believe me, it works!!!!

20 – rep Squatting…..
In this program, you pick a weight that you can normally get around 10 reps with in the squat in a regular set, and do 20 reps with it!! Take note that it is probably a fact that the first time you try this, you won’t hit the 20, but you soon will within a few workouts, with persistence and determination.

In order to do this, a rest-pause technique is required to keep the set going. When you feel that you are getting close to failure around the tenth or eleventh rep, begin taking three or more very deep breaths in between each rep, and then force out another rep, and so on.

If you get crazy enough, you won’t believe how much you’re body is capable of, and how much your mind normally holds you back!! Effort like this translates into enormous overall gains in muscle, not just in the legs, as long as you’re diet and rest are in order when you’re out of the gym.

It is normally not necessary to do more than one all-out set like this, and you probably won’t even be able to think about doing any other exercises that workout, after your twenty-rep squat!! You must use at least one training partner on this in case you get into difficulty with the weight, which is a real possibility here!!

How Far Can You Take It……?
In terms of the world of bodybuilding, Tom Platz is perhaps the hardest training bodybuilder ever. For example, in his competitive days, this guy squatted 600-700 pounds for 10 reps, with no wraps or power suit, could squat 400 pounds for 40 to 50 reps, and reportedly squatted 315 pounds for 15 minutes non-stop!!!

Absolutely unbelievable feats of strength and endurance, and Tom still trains much the same way now, at over 40 years old!! It is hardly surprising that his leg development is regarded as the best the world had ever seen, or probably will ever see…..

What’s the ‘Take Home’ Message?
Hard, consistent leg training is the key to bodybuilding success – you will never reach your full physical potential without hard training of your legs. Excellent diet and rest are also vital requirements.

So, its all down to you – how much do you really want it?……….