Acon83's road to Nationals

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  1. dragevo

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    Jul 9, 2011
    She hasn't been on the past couple weeks so Ill answer for her.

    W\She hasn't had much benefit from 20mg over 10mg. Typically on 20mg she has to cut the cycle short. Slow and steady wins the race, and with her she can run 10mg 16-18 weeks and tolerates it well. The primo is new for her. We keep everything in moderation. Time, hard training, consistent diet are the gold standards in building a physique without over doing it. The main change is training this year. Focus is quads/glutes.

    We can put some updated pics tonight. She's sitting @149-151lbs 5-6 weeks in.
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    Jan 9, 2012
    shit, how did I miss this!!!!

    You are such an inspiration lady! Wish you all the best and keep kicking ass and updating us while doing so!!! :)

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