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Oct 6, 2010
I've had one long ago from winny susp, axio labs. Had a soft ball size knot on my ass. Very painful!At the time I self treated by aspiration with an 18g gauge and making a few holes with the 18g and squeezing out what I could of the infection. I would squeeze out all the white pinkish puss until there was only blood each time. If you go to the doctor thats essentially the same thing but they lance. Did this for 5-7 days. The first day I got abiut 250 ml white pink puss out and each day after it would be less and less until its was eventually just blood. I still remember the relief i got the first day once o relieved that pressure. I also used keflex for 2 weeks. I never got a fever or felt septic, if I did at that point I would of went to the ER. The pain and swelling were unreal though and that's how I know it was a true abscess. It was a little scary. I was lucky though and it all worked.
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Sep 19, 2011
Had a buddy the got some Sten from Mexico years ago. His quad swelled and had a softball sized lump and finally went to the doctor. Had to lance it and it was some nasty oil black ooze that came out. Said it was super painful. Doc was actually super cool about it. My buddy was straight with him. The doc's concern apparently was potential infection. Stated if he waited it could have been much much worse. Of course, a lot of that old school stuff from Mexico was dirty AF.


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Sep 16, 2010
It’s a Dr Pimple popper wanna be!

who watched this on there lunch break??


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May 27, 2011
ICU RN....
- yes, wash hands noted
- the key though: besides wiping top of vial, wipe injection area TWENTY SECONDS, broad (You're shooting in your rear, yes high and away from the anus, but bacteria can travel, wipe aggressive and broad)

If you get an abscess:
- follow above procedure
- use 18 gauge needle with 5 or 10mL syringe for ease
- inject, pull back plunger and look for blood/puss
* you may have to pull needle out back slightly if you went past abscess
* you may have to pull needle out completely and reinsert if you missed the abscess (next to it)
* you may have to do this a few times
- Keflex, 500mg, TID for a week

It would be helpful if you have a partner: Once syringe is filled, unscrew needle at hub leaving needle in ass while you squirt, then reattach syringe (This way you don't have to keep reinserting needle)
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