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60 and looking into trt



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Oct 22, 2022
oh and agree with Little Guy, i wouldn't say whine, yet, be forceful in your Pain, ie, effects all area's of life etc.


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Dec 13, 2022
For me going on TRT pretty much saved my life. I think PTSD would have done me in without it. The level of depression and anxiety that comes with low testosterone does not mix well with PTS. I honestly believe, low testosterone is one of the most unhealthy places a man can be. That being said, if your insurance company is being a pain in the ass about it, play the mental health card.
This exactly. Not the PTSD Part. But I have Clinical OCD. Legit hospitalized for it OCD. Since starting to run gear in 2004 I found out that Test pretty much fixed 80% of my OCD. More than conventional meds and therapy had for the previous. 7. I spent most of my life doing drug, so I was self-medicating. When I got out of jail and was clean, I about lost my shit. Few hospitals, Luvox and therapy made me able to function as a normal human. Finally, had it under control in about 2002. Was fat and a smoker. Quit smoking and lost 100 pounds. Looked like a cancer patient. Started working out and met a few guys. Ran me a Test cycle and bam! OCD was virtually gone, Libido back and I was happy. I felt 100% better. I was kind, polite and turned into someone people wanted to be around. Not feared anymore but respected for being a good guy. (I was a pretty violent angry guy).

I will come off for about 45 days once a year. Generally January and February.

Yes, look into it. Yes, it's worth it.
The other Snake

The other Snake

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Aug 19, 2016
TRT since age 44 and 56 now. I'm happy I did it. If you think it's going to turn you into some jacked sexual Tyrannosaurus, its not gonna happen. What its done for me is given me the energy and tools to maintain my body while others have tapered off.

If I were you, I'd have a go of it. Get Blood Work done!


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Oct 22, 2022
remember that cancer patient pic from another old board


Jan 27, 2023

My view, it's criminal they don't place more interest on men's test levels from age 20 on, crap they do all kinds of stuff for women

I am sure there is political fear etc. etc. etc.

For me 64, been getting yearly test levels check for 25 years......started out at 900's and the trend is down a 100 every 5 years, last year i was at, i also been fighting the cancer thing, yet, a year ago my cancer doc, said it was okay to do TRT, HRT etc.

About 15 years ago, ran 2 years at 200 mg per week....vunderbar.....I topped out at 1300 mg and went off cause had to get more blood work done for something......I honestly kinda stopped due to getting tired of pinning, and thought i was too young

I've done a ton of research like others and the bottom line, if u haven't read up on stuff is Peak Male is Age 28-30, Test at 900 or so, and GH 300 ish, forget the measure ment on that ..... they trend down quite a bit over next 10-15 years.....especially GH

My whole point for all my research is well figured at one point it would be a life style commitment, and here I am

At 200 mg, my sides were almost non existent, ur body at peak is suppose to produce like 75 mg per decaliter.....and 100 mg is really 75 mg, so 200 is 150 mg of real test.....which basically is what most folks seem to end up at

like every thing, ur mileage could differ, good luck

oh i am probably going on for life in april, gotta get diet and training back in peak shape before so i can carefully monitor

My only regret with cancer was I didn't keep thorough log of sides due to all the damned meds over last 4 years, think that mighta helped, but who knows
Thanks for the reply and sharing some of your knowledge with me. Hope everything goes good for you. All you guys give me so much motivation and inspiration. Like you having cancer and still at it at 64 very impressed. Gives me no excuses. I just been recovering from hip surgery but that's nothing compared to you. Keep it up. Sorry if it's taking me a little while to reply to everyone been super busy.


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Feb 7, 2023
So I'm 60 years old 5"7 165lbs after a year off from hip surgery. Was 185-190lbs. I haven't ran a cycle in a long while but have ran test and dabbled with some other aas in my life. Harder to get around here or didn't trust it but I wanna make my last few years the best I can and be happy so I'm looking into trt.

I was wondering how everyone feels since they have been on trt. Is it worth looking into at 60? Does it change quality of life if you do have low test like mental state or help with motivation? Do you feel younger because I'm starting to feel 60 and it's not fun. We have a good clinic about an hour or so from me that a few friends go to.
I’m in my 40’s and have only been on TRT for 5.5 weeks. 0.75 once weekly is my dose

For the first three weeks, I thought I had wasted my money. Then on week four I started to feel more energetic, sleeping a little better, and mood started improving. The last 10 days has been unbelievable for me. Sleeping without a prescription for the first time is 10 years, workouts are getting increasingly more difficult but I’m recovering faster, and my anxiety levels have come down tremendously. My friends that have been on TRT for a long time tell me that this is just the beginning. It will get better but I don’t see how

hope this helps you


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Jan 28, 2011
Doctor started me on TRT when i was 35. I'm 58 now and have been on now 23 years. When I was put on at 35 my test levels were ridiculously low. Well under 100 total T. Most likely due to the fact when i fucked around with gear in the 80, s I never once did PCT. Partly due to the fact there were no computers at the time to acquire all this knowledge, and partly because I'm an idiot. All i had was Dan Duchaine Steroid handbook, which was like a bible of sorts.
I most definitely believe it will improve your quality of life at your age. I f you go the doctor route he will make you get bloodwork done several times a year, which is good so you can see all your results and address issues if need be. Good luck buddy.
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