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5th Annual RPS Bristol’s Big Bench Competition Results



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Aug 11, 2010
Meet Director: Matt Esche Iron Freaks Powerlifting Team

The Revolution continued this past Saturday, March 8th with the 5th Annual Lower Bucks Family YMCA and Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate’s Bristol’s Big Bench Competition! The meet turned out to be a success, despite the poor weather in recent weeks. Tim Gale of Jersey Iron Powerlifting came out and went to war with the iron. He ended with a 705lb bench in the Men’s Single Ply PRO Open 275 which qualified him for an RPS powerlifting World Record in that class. Bob Zappolo returned this year reclaiming his win from last year while adding a 65lb increase to his bench. Zappolo hit a 500lb bench that entitled him the RPS Pennsylvania State Record for the Men’s Raw Classic PRO Open 242 class. Iron Freaks Powerlifitng Team’s Dennis Walker came to compete. He entered the Men’s Raw Classic Amateur Open 242 class hitting a PR having a 385lb bench. Brian Smith, also of Iron Freaks Powerlifting Team, benched 415lbs in the Men’s Raw Classic Amateur Open 220 class, giving him an RPS Pennsylvania State Record. Mary Ann Wiechowski accompanying her daughter Kelly Hennigan both excelled in their lifting careers. Wiechowski entered the Women’s Raw Classic Amateur Master 45-49 181 class while benching 180lbs that set her with an RPS World Record. Hennigan, daughter of Wiechowski, also received an RPS World Record at age 16 for benching 130lbs in the Women’s Raw Classic Amateur Teen 16-17 148 class. A great job done by all!

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