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    So am I reading this right. Squat Briefs are allowed to be worn under your Suit? Also a Double Layered Squat Suit is allowed in Single ply? Like the Inzer T-Rex?

    Part 4 - Undergarments

    Standard Use
    : Boxer shorts are not allowed. Standard commercial athletic supporters or standard commercial under shorts of any mixture of cotton, nylon or polyester may be worn under the lifting suit. However, the garment cannot have legs and cannot extend down over the lifters thighs. Standard length grooved briefs are allowed but must meet the specifications outlined in this paragraph and must be single ply thickness (raw and raw classic excluded). For Single-ply competitors squat briefs are allowed and are limited to the same number of plies as the squat suit and bench shirt. All equipment will be inspected and tagged at weigh-in and at the judge’s discretion again on the platform in .... Custom made grooved briefs are not allowed.

    Unlimited Gear Attire: Any material may be worn and longer than standard cut groove briefs are permitted such as power pants etc. A pair of briefs of any design may be worn, provided that the length of the legs does not exceed mid-thigh, and that the waist does not extend beyond the mid-torso area. The briefs must be an individual article of cloth fabric. The construction may consist of multiple plies to any thickness but must, as a whole, be a singular component. Athletic supporters are permitted under the briefs.

    Part 5 - Lifting Suits and Gear

    Suit Policy:

    Equipped Division
    : Single-ply material lifting suits are only allowed. The lifting attire for the "Equipped Single-Ply Division" Suits may be of polyester or denim material but not a combination of the two. A maximum of two (2) sewn layers of like material is allowed.

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