24 Week Show Prep WPD (MW 2018)

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  1. BovaJP

    BovaJP TID Lady Member

    Feb 15, 2013
    Monday, 11/27
    ~6pm training alone

    Hamstrings, Calfs and Abs

    Super set: (x3)
    -Lying hamstring curls 90#, 12reps, 12 reps, 15 reps
    -Standing calf raises 250#, 12 reps

    Super set: (x3)
    -Standing hamstring curls 15#, 12 reps; 20# 15 reps each leg
    -Seated calf raises 55#-15 reps; 65#-15 reps; 65#-15reps

    -Thrusts (back on bench, weighted bar in your lap, glute work-whatever the hell these things are called LOL)-100#-15 reps; 100#- 15 reps; 100# -15 reps.

    Leg cable work:
    -Kneeling on a bench on the lower pulley - did rear leg raises - 40#, 12 reps each leg x3 sets.
    -abductors and adductors on lower pulley - 20#; 12 reps each leg for each move, x2 sets.

    Tuesday, 11/28
    5a w/trainer

    Chest and Shoulders

    -Incline bench in squat rack (we can do that at 5a!), light bar + 50#-12reps; +10#-12 reps; +10#-12 reps; drop set: same weight 12 reps, took off 20, then repped out 10 reps.

    -Flat bench in squat rack - bar + 50#. x4 sets of 12 reps.

    Giant Set: (x2)
    -Incline db press 30#, 12 reps
    -Flyes on a Reflex machine, 12 reps
    -Db Shoulder Press 25#, seated, 12 reps
    -Seated lateral raises 15#, 15 reps
    -Seated bent over raises 15#-15 reps

    Took a pic post workout this AM. Will add it as another entry to this log.
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  2. BovaJP

    BovaJP TID Lady Member

    Feb 15, 2013

    Taken this am post workout.
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  3. BovaJP

    BovaJP TID Lady Member

    Feb 15, 2013
    Wed, 11/29 - Cardio, 45mins, fasted on step mill.

    Thurs, 11/30
    5a work out w/trainer


    Superset: (x3)
    -Lying hamstring curls - 1st set was with 90#; 2nd and 3rd set was with same weight, but put a band on it for resistance. 15 reps each set.
    -Sled leg press with 2/45# on it, and a band for resistance-15 reps.

    Superset: (x3)
    -Squats - 135#-15 reps; 165-12 reps; 175-10 reps.
    -Sissy squats - holding 25# plate-20 reps.

    Superset: (x2)
    -On the standing hamstring thingy, reverse the stance and instead use thigh to bring thigh up, cupping the holder.10#, 15 reps each leg.
    -Walking lunges, 20# - ~13 reps each leg.

    Feeling good, and starting to see some muscle separation....at least to me I see it LOL. To a trained eye, they may not lol. This gets me excited! Also, looking forward to some sweet potatoes this Saturday!!!!!!!
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  4. OldManStrength

    OldManStrength VIP Member

    Apr 8, 2015
    Your looking good, keep going
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  5. Heady Muscle

    Heady Muscle VIP Member

    Oct 13, 2014
    Your arms and shoulders are looking thick! Nice job!
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  6. BovaJP

    BovaJP TID Lady Member

    Feb 15, 2013
    Need to catch up....

    Sat, 12/2, 6am w/trainer (did 45 mins cardio before lifting).

    Superset: (x4)
    -db rows 40#-15 reps; 55#-12 reps; 65#-12 reps; 65#-12 reps.
    -cable straight arm push downs standing, 60#, 15 reps.

    Superset: (x3)
    -db deadlift 50#, 15 reps
    -hyperextensions 18 reps

    Superset: (x2)
    -reverse grip pulldowns 80#, 15 reps
    -high lat pull downs 90#, 15 reps

    Sun, 12/3 6am, alone
    Bi's and Tri's

    Superset: (x3)
    -Close grip flat bench, 70#, 12 reps
    -Dips: 7; then went to machine dips 90#, 15 reps
    (abs in between)

    Superset: (x3)
    -French press 30#, 13 reps, 15 reps, 15 reps
    -Db curls 20# 12 reps

    Superset: (x3)
    -Skullcrushers w/ez bar 70#, 15 reps
    -Incline bench bicep curls ez bar (stomach on bench) 12 reps

    Superset: (x3)
    -reverse grip push downs on cable 60#
    -standing cable bicep curls 60#
    (abs in between)

    45 mins step mill after lifting.

    Mon, 12/4, 6pm alone
    Legs, calfs, abs

    Superset: (x3)
    -Lying hamstring curls 90#, 15 reps
    -standing calf raises machine, 250#, 12 reps

    Superset: (x3)
    -Standing hamstring curls, 20# each leg, 12 reps
    -Seated calf raises, 70#, 12 reps
    in between sets, body weight sumo squats, wide stance.

    Superset: (x3)
    -Glute thrusts with back on bench 100#, 15 reps
    -Db sumo squats-wide stance 40#, 50#, 60#-15 reps ea
    (abs on flat bench in between-15 reps)

    Cable work:
    -Abductor and Adductors, 12 reps ea leg, 20#
    -rear raises, 40#, kneeling on bench

    Tues, 12/5, 5a w/trainer

    Superset (x3):
    -Incline bench-smith machine 40#, 50#, 70#(2-35#)
    -Bodyweight push ups

    Superset (x3):
    -Db side lateral raises:
    20#, 12 reps
    15#, 15 reps (negatives)
    -Cablecross overs 30#, 15 reps

    Superset: (x3):
    -Flat bench-4/10# pauses on bottom.
    -Pec dec flyes 90#
    -Db bench over rear delt raises

    Burn out:
    -Arnold press 20# (tried 25#, but shoulder was barking at me), 4 rounds of as many as we could pump out, between 10-12 reps.
  7. BovaJP

    BovaJP TID Lady Member

    Feb 15, 2013
    Sun, 12 3 weigh in:
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  8. Mrhat

    Mrhat VIP Member

    Jan 8, 2014
    The girls got biceps!!!
    Keep doing what you are doing. It's starting to give the results you're after.

  9. BovaJP

    BovaJP TID Lady Member

    Feb 15, 2013
    Wed, 12/6, 45 mins, step mill, 5a.

    Thurs, 12/7 w/trainer

    Giant set:
    -lying hamstring curls, 90#, 15 reps
    -sled leg press, 90# 15 reps first set; 2nd and 3rd set added a band for resistance; last 5 reps slow on the negatives (ouch!)
    -walking lunges 20# db

    Leg Press: 5x5
    -warm up with 200 something.
    -2 working sets w/ 260 something: do 5 reps, hold at top (not locking knees) for 10 seconds, then another 5 reps, hold at top, etc for 5 working sets.

    Hack Squat:
    -Did a warm up set with light weight.
    -Working set: doing 8 reps, drop weight, 8 more reps, drop weight.....did this 3 more times. WOW!

    To finish:
    -Stiff legged deadlifts on the bulgarian split squat machine. 90#, 15 reps x2.

    This was a tough leg workout today. Trainer really pushed me hard and it was GREAT!

    Just bought a waist trainer today, can't wait to get that in to start incorporating that into my routine.

    I have my 2nd posing practice this evening.
    I took more progress pics a few nights ago....i'm not seeing a difference, but i'm sticking to the plan.......i will get there. women are always too critical right?
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  10. BovaJP

    BovaJP TID Lady Member

    Feb 15, 2013
    Tried to catch some lighting lol. Its all about the lighting.
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  11. Lizard King

    Lizard King Administrator Staff Member

    Sep 9, 2010
    No turkey gravy dripping down the shirt but it will due.. Arms and shoulders are nicey nice.
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  12. BovaJP

    BovaJP TID Lady Member

    Feb 15, 2013
    Fri, 12/8 - completely off. even cardio. not by accident but worked demanded i be there and i didn't get up in time to pay my dues to the stepmill god.

    Sat, 12/9 - 6a, with trainer

    Superset: (x3)
    -Assted banded pull ups, one leg in band. 20, 15, 12 reps
    -Bar pullups on smith machine 10 reps.

    -Smith machine rows, 12 reps; 45; 55; 55. 3 sets.
    (NOTE: my trainer was training me and another girl, the other girl had to do smith machine shrugs, but my trainer said i didnt have to do them bwahaha)

    -Db rows, single arm, 12 reps ea arm. 50#, 60#, 70#. 3 sets.

    Giant set: (x3)
    -hi rows - 12 reps; 140#
    -seated cable rows, 100#; 12 reps
    -hyperextensions 20 reps (last set was with 25# plate, i shoulda had the plate for all sets, oh well, next time)

    -Behind head pull downs, 80#, 12 reps.

    Practiced posing for about 15 mins.

    Slabbed on some vazoburn and did my 45 min time on Stanley the step mill.

    Sun, 12/10
    WEIGH IN: 149# (down 1 lb this past week)

    8am-45 mins cardio on stepmill.

    ~12noon went back to do some weight training.
    Bis and tri's and abs

    Superset: (x3)
    -Close grip bench, 70#, 15 reps
    -Dips, 8 reps
    **abs in between, leg raises on the bench.

    Superset: (x3)
    -French press, 35#, 15 reps, 13 reps, 12 reps
    -EZ bar skull crushers, 70#, 15 reps, 13 reps, 12 reps
    **abs, did the oblique leg raises in the arm slingy thingy

    Superset: (x3)
    -reverse grip pushdowns 60#, 12 reps
    -ez bar curls, 60# i think; 12 reps, did 15 reps last set

    Superset: (x3)
    -rope extension flare out at bottom, 30#, 12 reps slow and really focusing on the tri's.
    -kickbacks, kneeling 15#, 12 reps
    **abs-crunches on bench

    NOTE: Felt a super pump in the gym today. Not sure why. Was it the yummy sweet potatoes i got to eat yesterday?? perhaps!!!
    Spoke to coach today. He might change things up soon. Not sure what that means lol. Prolly diet or what not. Give me a cheat man! LOL.
    I joined a support group on facebook, and they said i wouldnt be ready for my show and i should wait. My trainer said that was bullshit and she doesn't know what she is talking about.

    @Lizard King I will get some gravy Christmas Day and get a pic then! bwahahaha.

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