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24 Week Show Prep WPD (MW 2018)



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Feb 15, 2013
Thanks All! I did work hard at this, and I followed the plan 100%.
I'm super pumped about the experience I had and still on a high. It certainly was a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be. I leave for Jamaica in 2 weeks and when I get back, i'll set another goal. I do want to work on my abs and glutes more, so i'm devising a plan there for that.
Someone told me about a masters national event...that could be my next lofty goal. Maybe i can make the over 50 one in that. I was looking at past competitors...pretty stiff competition...but if I start now... lol. As far as another show this year, i have no idea! LOL. Maybe, perhaps. This show was very well run, so I probably got spoiled with this one lol. I was going to do Ottawa IL this coming weekend (back to back shows),but my work put a halt to that.
Now that I got myself down this lean, I now see areas that I can work on.
I'm now waiting on the photog shots from the day. I've sent out emails to the judges awaiting some feedback there too.

Man, seeing some pro's there at the event...they are thick! Pro Women's Physique, that is. I did find out that one of the pro's lives in my area. They were all super cool too. The woman that one WPD overall NPC, she is doing the masters' national event. She looked fantastic! Stacy Metcalf I think is her name. She will be going pro real soon.

In summary stay tuned for another log! LOL


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Feb 15, 2013
"Size wise" I think you have plenty. I'd work on Conditioning as Glute/Ham tie-ins are gonna be your stubborn spot (for many women). Your back, delts and arm looks GREAT. Be proud of your transformation. I'm also in the Masters +45 class and it's damn hard to get dry and lean at our age. Bravo!
Thanks Mike_RN. Appreciate your input and feedback. I've seen you post around here in TID and respect your feedback. Agreed on glutes....but it gives me something to work on. That, and nursing this here RC tear that I got in Dec.


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May 1, 2011
I followed from Day 1, too, and I’m stunned!
Mike RN always nails it for you!
Your upper body is so impressive, and your upper quads as well.
And yeah, those pros are just amazingly thick!!! Love it!
You deserve that vacation!

The other Snake

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Aug 19, 2016
Well that was some read. Thanks for logging all that and reminding me why I don't do that anymore. LOL

The only thing harder then your first show prep is your second because going in, you know what's coming. God bless ya!