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2016 Worlds Strongest Man Qualifying Events Announced



TID Board Of Directors
Aug 11, 2010
Earlier this week we learned what the events are the finals taking place next month in Botswana, Africa but before you get to compete in the finals you have to make it through the qualifiers. The qualifiers tend to be groups of 5-6 athletes a piece with 5 events where only the top two advance. Different qualifiers get different events. Depending on how the qualifiers are grouped and which athletes get what events can have a big impact on who gets a qualifying spot. So what are the rumored qualifying events?

Viking press or Circus Dumbbell

Every group tends to have an overhead press. Certain athletes are much better at Viking Press than they are Circus Dumbbell like Eddie Hall & Robert Oberst, drawing a group with Circus Dumbbell will favor more explosive athletes such as Martins Licis and Mateusz Kieliszkowski

Truck pull

A WSM classic it is likely a harness pull but if it happens to be arm over arm that could really change things up.

Keg toss

This event will be good practice for the kettle bell toss in the finals

Loading race

This could be anything such as tires, anvils, sandbags or kegs generally every heat gets a loading race of 4 implements carried about 20m and placed on a platform a real burner!

Hercules hold

An event that hasn’t been seen at World’s Strongest Man for nearly 10 years the Hercules Hold is an iconic test of grip and mental fortitude, It will be interesting to see some of the newer competitors do it as it hasn’t been in many contests in recent time.

Fingal fingers

I think all the athletes are glad the fingers are back in place of the Norse Hammers from last year!

Squat lift or Deadlift

Each group

Atlas stones

Every group tends to get Atlas Stones as the last event of the qualifiers and weights are generally around 420 or so pounds by the 5th stone.

To summarize expect each group to get 5 events the 3 sure things should be an overhead event (viking press or circus dumbbell, either squat or deadlift & Atlas Stones. The remaining two events will either be fingal fingers, truck pull, keg toss, loading race or hercules hold.


TID Board Of Directors
Apr 29, 2012
Thanks for the article Mugzy!

I love Atlas Stones and circus db. Both are really excellent events. Hercules Holds look interesting but hard. Fingal Fingers are just plain wierd, but I like them well enough. When the pipe gets heavy, though they can be plain brutal. My favorite of them all is the Viking Press. We have been doing those at my gym and I love them. The worst for me would be the loading race. I'm a real slowpoke in all the moving events and the weights on the kegs, sandbags, etc. are always brutal!!!
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