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2 Hattiesburg men arrested in drug raid; $200K worth of steroids, related items seized



Oct 16, 2017
Not sure how this lab was busted but it seems that packs coming from "over there" are being caught with far more regularity than ever before.
I have a theory that it has to do with the thing that killed M. J. & P.
I'm sure recreation research C's probably contribute to this fairly recent crack down also but when many many start dying from the M. J. & P. killer- it makes sense.
Just a theory based on my researching and asking around.
I think many busts may result from this forthcoming.
Hope I didn't break any rules with this post. It's been years.


Dec 3, 2010
Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics agents and other law enforcement officers raided a residential drug lab Wednesday in Hattiesburg where they seized more than $200,000 in steroids and related items and arrested two men in connection with the seizures, MBN Director John Dowdy said Thursday.

While serving a search warrant at 4799 W. Fourth St. in Hattiesburg, the residence of Travis Gregory Edwards, 34, and Charles Paul Edwards, 38, Dowdy said agents seized hundreds of vials of injectable steroids, thousands of dosage units of oral steroids, large quantities of precursor chemicals for the manufacture of the drug, as well as 18 firearms, a commercial pill press, packaging and labeling equipment.

Each man faces a charge of possession of more than 500 grams of a schedule III controlled substance with intent to distribute. Charles Edwards also faces a charge of manufacture of a controlled substance. Both men were transported to the Lamar County Jail.

Bonds for the two, set by Lamar County Justice Court Judge Charles Greer, are $20,000 for Travis Edwards and $30,000 for Charles Edwards.

The arrests culminate a near two-year investigation by the MBN, with assistance from U.S. Homeland Security Investigations, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service and Lamar County Sheriff Department.

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Rise up my brothers , do not let the zealous greedy drug controlled let you be discouraged for freedom as adults to make sensible decisions for our selves , keeping children safe and all that ,, besides children don’t need to be concerned with adul afares. This is for honest adults ,, now theirs use and abuse , distributing without a license is only making the powers to be sad In that they’re not getting their money through taxes but if a person was legit in the taxes will be fine with the proper licenses and everything was in order