1000mg/ wk tren users

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    Jul 27, 2011
    I just read this thread and was waiting till the end to make the same dickhead statement.....you beat me to it focker!!!!

    Tren at a gram a week better be for a reason....to step on stage lookin amazing. Otherwise your just wasting it and all the other shit your taking and would be better off eating more and better food.

    I know people don't update their profile pics all the time but the couple I see from gram plus users are not impressive for the amount of gear being pinned.
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  2. SAD

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    Feb 3, 2011
    When I ran tren that high, I believe once was for experimentation because I got no sides from LEGIT tren up to 700mg/wk, and so I bumped it to 1g to see what would happen. It wasn't necessary for me from a "maxed out" standpoint because I was only something like 250, 14-15%bf at the time. The second time, however, I was a pretty solid 300lber (powerlifter, not very aesthetic but not sloppy fat either). Anyways, I was 300 and cutting down to compete at the 275 class and I wanted to keep strength up and muscle mass high for leverage. Seeing as tren increases feed-efficiency (X amount of calories go further than when not using tren), I decided to give it a shot. I weighed in at 274 with vascular 32" quads and people on here can absolutely back that up.

    Just defending my non-gram-a-week looking physique, haha. For 99% it's a complete waste and dumb dose.
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  3. franchise24

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    Oct 20, 2015
    I ran tren at a gram this cycle. Here is what cycle looked like.

    Test e 2 grams/week
    Tren e 1 gram /week
    Deca 600mgs/week
    EQ 900mgs/week
    Proviron 100mgs/week
    Aromasin 1.5mgs week

    My lab work and all health markers came in within range. Especially blood pressure. I have had reading of 118/72, 118/64. I donated blood week 8, due to high hematocrit. I dropped EQ week 15. Dropped deca down to 300 switch Tren e to tren ace. This cycle is still on going unit my meet this weekend. Then back to trt.

    What take away from this cycle being high dose was. I peaked at week 8. Strength gains were amazing. As far as sides, I don't get them from tren other than some minor night sweats. I spontaneously signed for this meet this week end so I extended the cycle. I have been running Drol and Halo the last two week. Week 3 would this week leading to the meet. 200MGS DROL 80-100mgs halo. Seems like I can only get a response from halo at that dose. So in my opinion it 's underdosed. I have tried at least 4 ugl's and they all seem to be underdosed.

    Thats's my two cents. Disclaimer I don't condone or recommend this cycle. This was an experiment I took upon myself to see how my body reacted. If I ever run a long cycle it will low dose. I short blast of 8-12 weeks will be high dose.
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  4. admin

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    Aug 11, 2010
    That's a lot of Tren franchise wow. Any increase in aggressiveness noticed at those dosages?
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  5. franchise24

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    Oct 20, 2015
    Yes I have to constantly talk to myself and remind myself of what I putting in my body that is making aggressive and I have to to rationalize as much as I can with myself. Good thing is I am retired form the Army and all I do is gym and take of my body. So not much interaction with people other than my wife and kid.
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  6. Gms585

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    Mar 17, 2017
    I'm sorry but this is a 100% irresponsible amount of gear.

    Also you had better be fucking huge and lean as shit to justify this.
    Also if you aren't making income from bodybuilding why would you spend this much money.

    I just have so many questions:
    What kind of training are you doing?
    What is your diet like?
    Have you ever tried smaller doses?
    Could your gear be under dosed or bunk?
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  7. admin

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    Aug 11, 2010
    Actually in powerlifting circles I have seen much higher doses of gear. Not tren however I have seen very high doses of anadrol and Test.
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  8. franchise24

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    Oct 20, 2015
    I understand your concern. But to simply state this irresponsible amount go gear is based of what what findings? What medical research?

    If my health markers from lab results in are in range then I don't see it be irresponsible.

    Answer to question number 1

    1) A form of Reactive training based off RPE scale. Powerlifting
    2) My diet is I eat what ever I want. In the sense I don't count my macros. But I eat clean and as much as I want based of my goals. So if I am bulking. My food consist of usual, Chicken breast, Salmon, Filet Mignon, Kale, Spinach, carrots, tomatoes. Fruits: Bananas, Kiwi, strawberries, cantaloupe, melon, watermelon, pomegranates, mangos. I usually never go on a huge cut. I will get up to 240 and drop down to 220.

    Yes I have tried smaller doses. Much more strength gains obviously with higher doses. I say again my health markers are in range. If they weren't and I continued to blast on these doses then I would consider that irresponsible.

    I am not a bodybuilder and don't ever plan to partake in that part of weight lifting.

    Could my gear be underdosed or bunk. Absolutely. I know for sure my test is good to go. It's script but that can be underdosed at times as well. What I will say is if it isn't bunk. Strength increase squat over 100 pounds in one, Bench 60 pounds deadlift about 50-60 pounds. I train hard and smart. So training plays a big role in me gaining strength and maintaining a good portion of that a strength when I cruise on trt dose of 200mgs/ week.

    Huge is relative. I am 5'9" at my biggest I have been at 242. I will compete in the 220 weight class. As far as justifying this to anyone I don't feel the need to. I answer to one man only. That is the man above. No I don't make any money from power lifting at the moment. But I have postponed myself to make a lot of money and open a gym. Money isn't an issue so spending a few grand every other month on gear doesn't break me. On top of spending a few grand piece my gym equipment together. From Eleiko Powerlifting competition bars, to squat and deadlift bars to calibrated weights. The money I spend is expendable.

    We have on life. I don't want to die with people helloing me shower or get dressed. I do take of myself and get lab work regularly. And when you have come from the background I have death is no longer a fear.

    I hope I answered all your questions in a respectful manner.
  9. Gms585

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    Mar 17, 2017
    So I have heard and as it turns out this gentleman is a power lifter. My experience in gear is limited to making i guess well call it cosmetic progress. I still dont think it can possible be healthy long term. I dont think taking in 5 grams weekly of any drug / hormone can be good for you long term. It's just allot IMO.

    Yea I guess it makes more sense for being a power lifter.
    I have a great deal of irresponsible behaviors I participate in. Life is for the living and you only get one. So I say live the way you want, let no one stop you.
    I do also think that guys online read stuff like a guy pumping almost 4.5 grams of gear a week and they think they need it. I just ran 240mh test 240mg tren a week for 8 weeks and had a fabulous cycle by almost anyones standards. So I think dosing education has gotten out of hand. So many people lifting non competitively think these relatively dangerous doses are whats needed. They dont know training or nutrition. They dont really understand the compounds all they know is that some dude who looks like how they wish they looked or hits the #s they wished they hit is jamming big doses.
    Ya feel what I am saying?
    God bless ya if your labs are good and you feel good and its working for you. Have at it.
    But I do think if your going to say "yea I take a gram of tren with all this other stuff" A little warning and or background info should come with it. So joe blow new guy doesnt start pinning 3cc of tren a 5 days a week, end up on the news and fuck with out thing even more.
    feel me?
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  10. DungeonDweller

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    Mar 21, 2017
    I'm a newb, but isn't quantity of an AAS based more on how many cycles he's done before, and the quantity in those cycles? I mean, an older guy with lots of experience, it might take him this much to progress?
  11. IronBreez

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    Aug 3, 2017
    Please people, can I ask why there is Tren, Deca and EQ on same cycle? I thought they all have same purpose, that's why I'm asking, and hoping to learn something new.

    Tren and Deca are 19-nortestosterones. I thought one 19-nortestosterone is enough for cycle. And they don't stack, or do they? And what is EQ's effect on cycle if there is already Tren? and more if there is Tren and Deca?
  12. Gms585

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    Mar 17, 2017
    Not necessarily. It should really be based on what this person needs to attain their goals. Now fran24 is a bit different because his goals differ from a bodybuilder or appearance enthusiast. His goal is to push each muscle fiber to its out performance ability while increasing competitive aggression and energy. So little extra tren and a little extra test are pretty par for the course.

    IDK why he's using deca or eq... maybe he can enlighten me. Also prov would im guessing just be for mood with so much gear.
    I would have expected some Halo at least towards competitions, but again I only really know what I have heard and read about gearing for PL.

    Like I said I have many years of training several cycles and I just was able to use under 5oomg per week total and have what many would consider very solid results. So its very person to person. Many factors other then how many MG are you pumping.

    Technically you are correct on the doubling down on the 19-nors. Some people do it. I have seen allot of NPP / Tren cycles lately. I personally wouldnt. I am surprised he is not also taking bromo or caber since hes taking everything else. That would help greatly if he was experiencing prolactin sides from to much 19-nor.

    Tren is literally a jack of all trades in my book. The only thing it may not be suited for (and this isnt alays even true) is an athlete who needs to cardio fitness. Many many people report greatly reduced windage while taking tren. I dont, but i also dont get the cough. If your prone to the cough youll be prone to having reduced cardio level while on Tren.

    lots of bodybuilders take deca and eq together. It's redundant IMO but it's done. His cycle looks like a cycle I would expect a bodybuilder to run not a powerlifter.
    All AAS does the exact same thing in the end anyway. Speeds recovery and increases protein synthesis. When people say oh thats a bulking drug or oh thats a cutting drug. They are referring to secondary effects of the hormone or ester that may slightly impact the process of cutting or bulking. However, any compound can be used for any purpose. Some just go smoother.

    idk if that helps clarify.
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