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10 year plateau, considering TRT boost



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Jul 12, 2021
What's up guys, hoping to get some advice from people who have gone through this process, and hear out the upside and downside of going into life long test supplementation.

I'm 34 now, maintained the same body basically since 24, 6'1, 185lbs fairly lean, maybe 12% and I've been happy with it. I'd be happier at 200lbs 9%, but it's been ok. I'm getting to the point where my hair is thinning a lot and I'm ready to embrace the buzzed look for life, which takes away one negative aspect of increasing test, as I don't have to worry about the hairline anymore.

When I get down to 180lbs, under 10% body fat I feel really good about the way I look but my energy suffers, and I lose my deep voice. Does anyone have experience being very lean both naturally and on TRT who might share any insights on this?

I'm trying to see this as clearly as possible pretty early on, just now getting bloodwork for the first time, but I'm hoping to do moderate injections, maybe 150 per week and trying to get high end levels, maybe 900-1000 ng/dl and hopefully keep a super low maintenance routine, without overcomplicating things. Sub 200mg per week, without side effects and the need for ancillaries. One concern is fertility, I've seen HCG recommended here. Would just Test E and HCG weekly be a sustainable routine?

It would be fun to make progress again and keep a journal with daily pic updates. I'm kind of excited about it, but want to know all the downsides as well. If you guys have any other journals or resources I should look to, please let me know!

Thanks :)


These pics I'm waking up at about 187lbs
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