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  1. Mike_RN

    Shrink the Prostate, Power up the Penis

    Doc saying Prostate is "fine" might just mean your BPH(Benign Prostate Hyperplasia) is just that...benign. Prostate Cancer symptoms are sometimes identical to BPH. If Flomax is working for your Urinary issues...your prostate is not actually "fine". It's a smooth muscle relaxer that relaxes...
  2. Mike_RN

    Least favorite body part to train?

    I hate (training) my Biceps. I had a pretty bad Radius fracture from a fight (forearm stomped on by boot) as a teen. The Biceps heads each insert there so my left Bicep barely works when rotated any way other than Hammer Curls. The right one is by no means huge but there is a noticeable...
  3. Mike_RN

    Phen or albuterol?

    Albuterol is no where near Phentermine in effectiveness IMO. If she can do IF, there's nothing that works better for crushing appetite and keeping me up in prep.
  4. Mike_RN

    Anonymous confessions of a different kind of guy

    Low T is Low T and I don’t squat at all ;). If you could get labs it will help especially to make sure estrogen is well controlled.
  5. Mike_RN

    Shrink the Prostate, Power up the Penis

    Warning I am a nurse and I speak in graphic terms about real health issues... TMI warning After a recent long run of higher doses (1g Test Blend with 600mg of Deca...thought it'd be fun lol) my prostate was acutely enlarged due to excess estrogen. I've never been gyno prone and rarely used...
  6. Mike_RN

    Shrink the Prostate, Power up the Penis

    Sorry I missed this earlier. Even though they run a little pricey, LEF (Life Extension Foundation) is all GMP and standardized for potency and purity. I get the Cardiose from their NitroVasc product which runs around $13 a bottle for 30ct x 500mg. I have autoship with them for my wife's...
  7. Mike_RN

    New Years Goals

    Hardly sweetheart...snap/snap!
  8. Mike_RN

    New Years Goals a "false room" in our basement for all our sex stuff. My kid is now 7 and she has already found a few "things" and the spanking bench can't fit in my closet.
  9. Mike_RN

    New Years Goals

    Be a better husband.
  10. Mike_RN

    Shrink the Prostate, Power up the Penis

    I take 60mg of Pycnogenol with 500mg of Cardiose every morning and another 60mg of Pycnogenol with 5g of Arginine when its "Boom Boom" time. I managed to get my PMD to prescribe 5mg Cialis ED for BPH and the combo of all 4 drugs has eliminated my urgency, frequency and incomplete emptying...
  11. Mike_RN

    Panicked about a stock-market crash?

    Once the drama of impending doom (for Trump) plays out...I predict resignation "deal" to keep Don JR. and Ivanka from doing time...the markets will bounce back. The super wealthy play the emotional roller-coaster card in order to make big purchases of falling stocks. Ride it Out.
  12. Mike_RN

    Size and symmetry

    Agree with consensus above. Stop worrying about abs and eat. If you have trouble squatting, Leg Press or Ground Based Squat...just move weight. You being 6'2" doesn't help (longer muscle bellies & longer travel distance etc.) but 187lb bodyweight and a 260lb squat is very light for that...
  13. Mike_RN

    Entertain LK

  14. Mike_RN

    What’s up everyone

  15. Mike_RN

    Blast length

    Yes. My Cpap got me off Blood Pressure Meds and dropped my Hgb a few points without donating or bleeding out :)
  16. Mike_RN

    President Signs New Law Allowing Telemedicine Prescribing of Controlled Substances

    I think it’s a push to stop grandma from going to the family doctor 4x a month on taxpayer dime (Medicare). It’ll also breath some life back into our Opiod addiction problem since Big Pharma is seeing profits drop as the Medical Community tries to stop the epidemic it helped start (with BiG...
  17. Mike_RN

    Will switching esters benefit me?

    It's probably training or diet. The gear can only increased tissue mass and speed recovery. The diet and training regimen is where the real magic happens. You will see no benefit from switching esters IMO. When you reach a plateau either eat less...and/or change your training...
  18. Mike_RN

    Blast length

    Also, Thalassemia is typically abnormal Hemoglobin and you're in no way anemic by those values. Increased immature RBCs can be from increased oxygen at elevation. Or they can be a result of Steroid induced erythropoiesis (RBC production)
  19. Mike_RN

    Blast length

    Those numbers are perfect. Both Hgb/Hct are within normal limits. My Dr is not concerned about my current H&H which is closer to 19 & 58 AFTER giving blood. Dehydration, even mild, will skew cell counts high by hemoconcentration (decrease in Plasma). I helped a guy beat an EPO/Blood Doping...
  20. Mike_RN

    Blast length

    ^^Thanks @BLTC. I forgot HGB/HCT, I usually give Blood 4 x per year at work so I worry less about blood count but VERY important for mitigating Stroke and DVT/PE risks.