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    Home full-body workout

    Man, just do a classic exercises. You have a bar, bench and dbells, so you can perform alot of exercises.. I would recommend you to buy bar to do squats and bench press. And imho the only way to gain muscle first is to do basic exercises: squats, deads and bench. Of course you can add some...
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    Looks vs strength...why u lift?

    Looks and strenght... The reason why i lift weight is simple - i love my body and take care about this.. It looks like a challenge for me to gain a couple of lb next month... or to add some weight on the barbell.. So it's just interesting and i love what i do
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    Diet Thoughts?

    in my opinion, altho yes the angus and the fish fingers are a problem.. you have to assess the leev your at and just how much of a problem they will be - ye sthey do take away from yuor diet, and COULD be swapped for better sources... personally i think other areas of your diet are more...
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    Forearm help needed

    Do exercises for forearms and keep high-protein diet. Thanks to Admin, you now have a lot of useful exercises
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    Newbie here

    I have been Weight training on-off since 07, but this last Year have been hard at it, except this last Month due to work commitments. Always interested in learning from others to help me on my own Journey in Weightlifting & always here to help those who are on their Journey. I really like the...