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    Downloading Music

    I have google on my phone and apple on my computer. I need to switch over to spotify as it is the best deal and quality is excellent. hooked on rage against the machine right now. if your dragging ass at the gym put these fuckers on and problem solved.
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    Phen or albuterol?

    been using phen for about 6 mo. now and I love the stuff. I only use half tab on work out days and sometimes at wk when im dragging. ive taken it as late as 5pm and had no prob falling asleep by midnite and I had a pre-wkout at approx. 6pm. I have major tolerance for caffeine so that's prob...
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    Clean And Press

    power cleans and/or clean and press are great for improving functional speed, explosivness, and power off the line. I think they are essential during the off season for football lineman an either side of the ball and excellent for all other positions except for maybe QB. the only issue is its...
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    Coffee Makers

    I should have bought stock in kurig after all the machines I have bought. the only one that ive had any luck with is the base model. I just bought a basic black and decker until I figure out what to do and so far so good.
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    Rotator Cuff Tear-Surgery 8/31

    i had my lft hip replaced in april of this yr and was having shoulder pain at the same time. it seemed like every yr while doing inclines and getting up to around 245 for 8-10 snap goes the shoulder and my shoulder would hurt for about 3 mo and go away. it would rotate from lft to rt, one yr on...
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    Good grief... what has happened to men today?

    females in my life say I am a 'mans man'. not sure if its a compliment but I do like the sound of it.
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    Rotator Cuff Tear-Surgery 8/31

    I had shoulder surgery about 4 months ago but it was a repair of my bicept tendon where it attaches at the shoulder. no where near as bad as what you had done. I didn't do pt because of bad experiences in the past like you had. the doc gave me the excercises to do and amount of weight to use and...
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    Old natty pic before nationals

    damn you looked good bro, you musta got more pussy than a litter box!!!!
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    First anavar cycle

    a couple of things that could help you get the most out of a low as possible dose. I have read many times that taking creatine with anavar is highly advisable as they seem to be very synergistic. also, the results from taking oral meds can be reduced going through the stomach and liver etc etc...
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    Keeping my old ass MOVIN'!!

    makes sense bro, bicepts being the smallest muscle group can only take so much and I just had my upper tendon repaired. I bet my mom got me the same weight set when I was 14 for Christmas. I took the foldout and tacked it up on one of the wood posts in our basement and I followed its advice...
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    Tore my triceps yesterday

    I would def see a doc. most hospitals have a discount program based on income and # of dependants or you can buy ins. right now because it is open enrollment and it will be covered as there is no pre-existing conditions and then canx the policy if you want after your all healed up. if it is an...
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    So I bought a C7 Z06 today.....

    That's a beauty for sure! Def. a head turner!! I bought a 2016 charger last yr. with the 300hp 6 cyl so I could get the AWD and I had intended to put a super charger plus other upgrades but I couldn't stand the 8 speed auto w/ drive by wire. Damn thing was shifting all the time and the...
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    Keeping my old ass MOVIN'!!

    your bi's are HUGE!!! long and thick as fuck, is it genetics or are there certain things you do to get there?
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    How much do you spend per month on supps?

    not sure what the totals are but I do use a pre w/o that has caffeine, green tea, creatine, arginine, etc etc, and Ill use a bcaa drink during my w/o. there both I satori brands which ive been very impressed with the products. The pre w/o gets me going and I have found the bcaa keep from burning...
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    Mayonnaise good or bad?

    I use low cal mirical whip. its only 20 cals per tbl spoon and you only need maybe 1.5 table spoons per can
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    New member. Steroid newbie

    how do you think the people on this board got to where they are now. apparently you think one of us goes by the name Moses who walked down from a huge mountain with the '10 ways to obtain steroids' on a slab chiseled out of rock and was told by God to spread the word. we all have done our own...
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    New member. Steroid newbie

    best advice so far...…………..
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    Home full-body workout

    most of the basic lifts require a bar, not DB's, a rack and a bench. do you have a local gym you could join or the Y, does your H.S. have a weight room or even a local collage may have a weight room available for local residents for free or a very low fee. one thing to be aware of is that you...
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    Protein Bioavailability Chart

    at the gym I go to there are some guys who are drinking egg protein as a pre-workout drink. they have the worst flatulence that fills the entire gym with rotten egg smell. several of us have complained very loud and they seem to have taken the hint. would the gass from drinking whatever brand of...
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    Protein Bioavailability Chart

    good post, however, I do think most of the posts saying "just eat food" are in response to a teens wanting to take steroids, however, I could be wrong!