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  1. Superman

    Least favorite body part to train?

    Quads calves and biceps, actually like squatting too which is the weird part. I dont do direct calf work any longer, I have big ass calves and don't want them any bigger.
  2. Superman

    First anavar cycle

    Dem pronouns...
  3. Superman


    Agreed fuck Wells Fargo. When I owned a business I banked with them for business purposes... Eff that noise.
  4. Superman


    Squat day: Horseshit Moving along.
  5. Superman


    Bench day: Slingshot 350x5
  6. Superman

    Perseverance, Inc.

    Just curious but do you feel like you recover faster using the slingshot for heavy bench? I've been implementing mine more and more. Too early to really tell yet for me anyways.
  7. Superman


    Floor press day: Everything felt,light couldnt do jack shit moving along Best reps Floor press 340x3.45
  8. Superman


    Squat day GFY they hurted
  9. Superman


    Superman ain't savin shit: Bench day: Barxsome 95xsome 135x3-5 155x2 185x2 225x2 245x1 275x1 Slingshot: 295x1 335x1 365x1 403x1 423x1 350x4 Raw Bencherito: 300x7 225x16.75 just enough to rack it. Smoked out and done... Left Gym. Took vids of 403, 423, and 225 may upload may not.
  10. Superman

    New Smoker

    I like apple for brisket and I'm gonna second flex on the grilling of brisket I did it myself and basted it every half hour. Gave it a great crust and really tender.
  11. Superman

    Old natty pic before nationals

    Naturally jacked
  12. Superman

    New Smoker

    Only cigars... Im out of luck.
  13. Superman


    Sqwaatz: 305x3 335x3 355x2 TF Legs are smoked first squat day in well over a week fuck this horseshit 215x5 and thats all she wrote folks. Absolutely nothing left tonight.
  14. Superman


    Local gym closed for the week had to drive 2 hours to get a session in 7 fucking days miserable. 1 workout in 7 days of course its bench/back day. 315x2 340x2 275x8 225x15 Bent over rows 225x3 With straps 275x3 315x3 Back to no straps 225x8 Floor press: 225xsome 315x4 325x4 Dips: 1×12...
  15. Superman

    So I bought a C7 Z06 today.....

    Ghey... Only cuz I'm mad jelly. Sweet ride brother. Very cool
  16. Superman

    Blast length

    Undetermined. I switch compounds or move the dose up or down. But i am always on.
  17. Superman


    Raw Bencherino: 375x1 300x6 275x9 250x9 225x8 or 9 60 lb incline deebee's to fatigue x 1 60 lb incline deebee's to failure x 1 Dem persh erps... Banded x fucking fail Not banded x fucking fail. Have a vid of 375 May upload.
  18. Superman

    First anavar cycle

    Well, we dont discriminate here at the den. Whatever way it goes Charlie or Charlene, we are pretty accommodating when it comes to pronouns. Its almost 2019 after all.
  19. Superman

    Pinning long esters eod

    I do it all the time. I pin ED tho... Slim pins and 25g x 1 1/2
  20. Superman

    First anavar cycle

    Its quite clear. You are calf muscle have the same IP address. Hence you are either on the same computer at the library or you are the same person.