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  1. Rider

    Phen or albuterol?

    There’s no comparison. Phen is superior.
  2. Rider

    It's been a long time and I need some help

    Good to see you back on the boards. Bump Test to 500mg per week. Do you respond well to EQ? Personally I’d drop EQ and go with either Deca or NPP instead. EQ at that low dose is barely noticeable from my experience. Trash the HCG and buy new. Normally the expiration date wouldn’t bother me...
  3. Rider

    Panicked about a stock-market crash?

    Admin, what stocks are you holding these days? Tech?
  4. Rider


    If your looking for a bank, Chase is a solid choice. Customer service is on point and they cover a wide variety of services. That said, I left chase because their savings account annual interest rate was a joke. Horrible! A credit union savings interest/money market is much better. So much...
  5. Rider

    Pinning long esters eod

    So how would the sides you mentioned: “anger and delirious thoughts” occur with EOD shots of long esters at low doses??
  6. Rider

    So I bought a C7 Z06 today.....

    Looks amazing! Very eye catching. Good luck with it.
  7. Rider

    Found my way back...

    Much respect at going after your goals, @BrotherIron How many more years of schooling do you have left before graduation?
  8. Rider

    Found my way back...

    Good post, @BrotherIron It’s all about mindset and generating self motivation that leads to success not only in training but really anything in life.
  9. Rider

    Weight gainer

    Add peanut butter to protein shakes.
  10. Rider

    Alflutops for knee

    Glad to hear the pain level has been reduced significantly from where you started at.
  11. Rider

    Keeping my old ass MOVIN'!!

    LG, I’ve known you for many years and you’re one of the strongest people I know! Your uplifting spirit and presence on the forum motivates us all to bring out the best in ourselves. Truly inspirational my friend.
  12. Rider

    Cialis vs viagra

    Yes, same here. Libido didn’t increase for me either. Both made it easier to keep it up, and then go for seconds afterwards, lol!
  13. Rider

    Alflutops for knee

    Sounds good, I’m interested in hearing about your experience with it. Keep us posted.
  14. Rider

    Test Undecanoate cruise dosage

    Test U is great especially if you’re on TRT. 3 shots a month, every 10 days, and I felt fine. It’s good if you’re traveling for work and don’t have time for shots while your away.