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  1. Darkness

    Var with DHEA

    Wife is long term on both at same time. It’s a very good idea if you are over 40. Dhea will raise several hormone levels through conversion and includes androgens like testosterone in small amounts. In addition to better muscle mass she got leaner over time. Have a nice day.
  2. Darkness

    Mayonnaise good or bad?

    I haven’t had dead hooker ass in a month or two. But I think what my wife bought was slightly better.
  3. Darkness

    Mayonnaise good or bad?

    There’s a product that’s made of canola oil that’s fairly decent.
  4. Darkness

    Hello my friends :)

  5. Darkness

    First cycle opinions

    I’ve met like 2 people who did one cycle and quit. The other 1000 of us kept going.
  6. Darkness

    Postman needs advice

    How about training in the am early before your shift??
  7. Darkness

    Newbie here

  8. Darkness

    Hey guys:)

  9. Darkness

    New member

  10. Darkness

    Deca post cycle therapy advice?

    Personally I don’t find any benefit in the bro science of the mega doses of clomid the first couple weeks. 50 mg is at least enough. Otherwise I would also wait until week theee to start the nolva and run it for 4 weeks. That gives you a total six week pct. I would do this for a couple reasons...
  11. Darkness

    Hey guys! New here.

  12. Darkness

    Mets says Hi

  13. Darkness

    New here

  14. Darkness

    New to the site

  15. Darkness

    New to all of this

    I agree whole heartedly, test is the drug that any new user ofAAS would get the best results from, virtually side effect free at the right dose. It is nothing short of a game changer compared to any oral. But what if the user only needs to change part of the game and get a little enhancement...
  16. Darkness

    New to all of this

    I’m going to go against the grain here. I think that pinning is not the issue. It’s cycle recovery. Let a kid go ahead and try anavar and maybe some winny (pick only one) for a first cycle and do a proper pct. find out what it’s all about and recover easily. Loose most of the gains after pct...
  17. Darkness

    Work Boots

    Yea they’re the shit man. Might be the most comfortable pair of footwear I own. Except for maybe my water socks :)
  18. Darkness


  19. Darkness

    Work Boots

    I love redwing Pecos. If you try a pair on you’ll probably buy them. $170. I have a couple pair stashed in hotels I frequent near my job and about to pick up a new pair also. I’m a boot snob.
  20. Darkness

    New from Denmark