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  1. Gms585

    Chronic Hiccups?

    this scares the fuck out of me. They still dont really understand chronic hicup disorder. I read it's a physiological thing more then a physical thing. Like stress and such related. I guess the thought is its related to OCD in some way. supposedly it can happen to anyone and once you have it...
  2. Gms585

    Phen or albuterol?

    albuterol is like shit clen IMO. I thought it would make me crap up less but it actually cause more cramping. Also I didnt get lots of energy from it. Havent ran phen... I hear good things. I take b12 daily and the injections are fire. Very effective. Is she getting 8hrs of sleep per night?
  3. Gms585

    Least favorite body part to train?

    calves. I dont have the none growth issue many have my calves grow fine, but the way I train them they cramp like a mother F--er. If I make it through the workout with no craps I cramp at night when Im asleep. Worst.
  4. Gms585

    Downloading Music

    I have a shitty Galaxy note 5 that I have to charge 4x per day and I still can make it through a 2.5 hr workout with no issue. What are you using a nokia crank?
  5. Gms585

    Steroids for Strength

    Test Tren Mast Halo Dbol Tbol
  6. Gms585

    Downloading Music

    Bro why down load??? Pay $5.00 per month and get a Spotify subscription. Its the best fucking app on my phone. Its like an endless itunes. It has all the music you could ever want. If your going to take a flight you can select several gigs to store on the phone for the flight. The rest of the...
  7. Gms585

    "For Research Purposes Only"?...

    basically they just want you to send a nice fluffed dick pic. Email them that. Problem solved.
  8. Gms585

    JackeD Pre-Work with DMAA

    one of my old favs. I tried JYM by that jim stopine or whatever his last name is. Not as much stim but makes you sweat like a whore in church. I like it allot too
  9. Gms585

    Why isn't IGF more popular?

    very expensive to make and use. It is speculated that IGF is why these Arab trainers are pumping out monsters in UAE. They have legit gov labs and can get that shit for reals. We use GH for the IGF mostly.
  10. Gms585

    Jacked Pre-workout

    Gives me the shits... I mix the old jacked and noxipro. Noxipro tangerine was the best tasting strongest pre workout I ever used. If I had doc browns delorian id go grab some.
  11. Gms585

    Training by feel

    IMO Training by feel is the best for body sculpting. For strength n power no so much.
  12. Gms585

    What's the best way to get rid of flabby chest?

    When I started I had the same issue. No gyno or tits but lots of chest fat. Even now when I eat bad n dirty bulk I get side boob liking dat. Drives me nuts! Only thing that makes it not look unattractive is big ass bulky pecs. No lie. Make your upper body eddy hall esk. He's got that build...
  13. Gms585

    Squat form troubles

    I have a coach. I just am not 100% with his fix. He doesnt think its as big a deal because of the levels its happening at. So were just squatting more to fix it basically
  14. Gms585

    Squat form troubles

    Whoa!!! Maybe bro! I have a major foot arch. This is the first theory that was like whoa. That very very could be.
  15. Gms585

    Test Undecanoate cruise dosage

    idk if I would like it. The longer the ester the less I like lately. I hate pinning but the short esters just seem to work better.
  16. Gms585

    Squat form troubles

    I am having a hard time processing this. AKA idk what you mean by that
  17. Gms585

    Squat form troubles

    You think? My knees are more narrow on front squats. Seems like that may strengthen the already dominant muscles. My thinking was the imbalance came from all the stone loading which is essentially an odd front squat. Idk tho. Just looking for supporting logic.
  18. Gms585

    Squat form troubles

    So now that I'm squatting for weight not just big fat quads. My form is "correct" and I'm in the mid 4's However when I cross into higher reps at 85% to 95% my right knee buckles inward slightly to noticeable. My strongman coach has me squatting more and focusing on pressing my knee out on the...
  19. Gms585

    Strength cycle

    I ran tren for 12 weeks at the longest. I try to keep it at 8 now. No more. My BP is still way high from my last run. I think I may need a year off tren. *tear rolls down cheek*
  20. Gms585

    Strength cycle

    I ran tren for 12 weeks at the longest. I try to keep it at 8 now. No more. My BP is still way high from my last run. I think I may need a year off tren. *tear rolls down cheek*