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Apr 5, 2013
    1. divino
      What's it like to have a modeling contract? Did you like it?
    2. lymbo
      when i can i was a fitness model spokes girl for prosource.net for 12 yrs
    3. silntrunin
      The shakes really helped during the dieting phase for sure. I managed to keep 99% of my muscle unlike in the past I would lose muscle and fat. Anyway was just wondering if your still hangin with it and if you started promoting it yet?
    4. silntrunin
      Hey brother, hows it going? Just curious if you were still using Visalus supps? Been taking pretty much just their stuff all year just because its free but I managed to get into the best shape I've ever been on stage and finally won my class and the overall a little over 6 weeks ago.
    5. silntrunin
      Yeah bro, actually just started using their Fit Kit. Just got back from miami for vislaus convetion, there was over 18,000 people there it was fuckin crazy. You still using it?
    6. silntrunin
      I forget the number of people that are joining each month, but its sick. I'm just now starting to make some money with this plus I get all my products for free. If your thinking about getting on board, we have a awesome team unless you have someone already helping you out. Either way good luck.
    7. lymbo
      no why...whats up u fighting
    8. silntrunin
      Hey bro, if you need any info on Visalus let me know. Been useing their products since last Oct.

      If you have an addy I can send you a few sample packs to taste.
    9. prime
      I like it. lots of good infomation here. How do you like it so far?
    10. ritch
      cool, let me know how it works for you!
    11. ritch
      No powerlifting, but do heavy movements in the 4-6 rep range. If you want to improve your back you gotta split it into a width and thickness day. My split is posted on the forum here and I explain a lot of the "why's" to the program. Perhaps give it a read?
    12. ritch
      nah, no competing, the difference between what I do and those who compete is huge! Plus I'm not even impressed by guys that ripped, I find they look best 6 weeks out of a show... Thanks for the props, you seem to be comming along well yourself.
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