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  1. Lizard King
    Lizard King Draconian
    Welcome to TID
  2. Ogre717
    The family that works out together, intimidates the PTA..
  3. Ogre717
    2 years since my last post. have only regressed... someone kick me in the ass!
  4. rezjzzor084
    shouting: "Admin! Admin! Admin!"
  5. Wham
    Wham CFM
    hey, I should be back, facing a demon, better stronger then ever, this shit hurt me bad, I don't cry, I'm just a dirty prostitute!
  6. captaincaveman
    Feeling patriotic...
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  7. G-Seuss
    G-Seuss texastea
    Shout out from Texas
  8. olaphg10
    olaphg10 rAJJIN
    going to do sust 300 and bold 300 ,,cycle thery would be appeiciated ,,hypothetically of course
  9. olaphg10
    olaphg10 rAJJIN
    hey bro thanks for the responce i currently have not used the eubioz products yet but look forward too it ,,have you exoerience with them ,, thaks for taking the time out
  10. Lizard King
  11. Big D13
    Big D13 MR. BMJ
    It's Big D from wcbb
  12. Big D13
    Big D13 MR. BMJ
    Hey bmj. Is it possible for me to get same vet status here as I have on wcbb?
    Also, do u know why wcbb is down. Hope all is safe with bass