Evan Centopani IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Profile

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Evan Centopani General overview
Evan Centopani, born as Evan Michael Centopani on 7th April 1982 ( 33 yrs ago) in Bridgeport, Connecticut is an American professional bodybuilder. He is currently competing in the Superheavyweight class-( Meaning he weighs over 91kg or 200 pounds.) Nonetheless, he has been known to weigh over 300lbs ( 136kg) in his off-season. Otherwise, when he is in-season he maintains a 260lbs( 118kg) weight.

Additionally, Evan stands 1.82 meters or just under six feet tall at 5″ 11.5′ which makes him one of tallest fitness body-builders in the Superheavyweight category.

Evan Centopani is also famed in the fitness niche for being one of the many athletes who endorse a variety of nutritional foods and supplement products.

Evan Centopani IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Profile
Evan Centopani IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Profile

Evan Centopani Childhood and Early Life Background

As a child, Evan who has recently been nicknamed ‘the Ox’, was popularly known as ‘Husky,’ A pseudonym which he earned for being chubby and almost overweight. In fact, there was a time, this now professional athlete almost succumbed to weight problems. This is when he weighed over 220lbs at only the age of 12.

In one of his blogs, ( bodybuiding.com) Evan Centopani confesses to eating three breakfast meals per day for as long as he could remember, before turning 15. He also adds that like most children at his age then, he couldn’t resist over-indulging in sugar-laden cereals and high-fat foods.

Further, Evan attended a local nearby prep school in Bridgeport but wasn’t very active in sports until the age of 15. In one of his memoirs, he narrates how it’s only after one day, while riding a bicycle from a nearby grocery with the handlebars laden with produce, that he realized how much strength he could amass from his weight.

In High school, people always thought that Evan would one day make an outstanding football player, given his physique and height. Although he did not exactly try out for the sport, Evan was always active in the gym toning his body and slowly carving a way of life that would later see him become a successful professional bodybuilder.

Nevertheless, he still managed to juggle between study and play, something which saw him successfully graduate with a Bachelor’s degree from Fairfield University.

Professional Career and Championships

Evan Centopani officially started his bodybuilding career journey at the age of 23 back in 2005, when he for the first time took part in that year’s Bev Francis Atlantic States tournament as an amateur athlete. Surprisingly though, he won the heavyweight class and also became one of the few athletes then, to lift the tournament’s overall title.

He again participated in the 2006 NPC Juniors competitions, a feat that saw him emerge top in the super heavyweight class. Once again, Evan Centopani was declared the overall champion of the tournament for that year.

In 2007, Evan solidified his athletic career by earning his first pro card, after winning the Superheavyweight class in that year’s NPC National Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships. He additional also lifted the overall title for the same. In the same year, Evan Centopani also upgraded his athlete status from amateur to professional.

The 2009’s New York Pro show was Evan’s first-ever tournament as a professional athlete. In this pro-debut, he still emerged champion in the body-building competition that was held at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center.

In early 2010, Evan Centopani announced on MD Radio in an interview with the then host Shawn Rey, that he would be taking that year’s season off. He, however, was again back in play in the following year’s Arnold classic tournament where he took 4th position.

Perhaps Evan’s greatest win was in the 2011 IFBB Los Angeles Pro competitions, where he was declared the overall winner of the general bodybuilding category. By then, Evan’s career had already bloomed to a level of being considered a top-tier world-class athlete.

Since then Evan Centopani has been less competitive and has placed lesser emphasis on bodybuilding for merely the sake of lifting trophies. He instead nowadays concentrates more in assisting fellow athletes by offering tips on easy and affordable ways of staying well toned. To that effect, he also runs an exclusive website on the same.

He, nevertheless, still competes in the Superheavyweight class albeit with not as much vigor as he had showcased some years ago.

Personal life and relationships

Evan Centopani is currently engaged. Unlike most other athletes or celebrities, he has managed to keep a low profile as far as his private life goes.


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