Equipoise- The Muscle Enhancer And More

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Equipoise is the steroid compound which can give users slow and steady gains. It is relatively safe to use with just a few reports of mild ill effects caused due to testosterone conversion to estrogen. As for the bodybuilders, Equipoise should be given with some testosterone as the steroid compound can cause some sort of sexual problems.

What is Equipoise popular for?

You need to know that Equipoise is not a fast mass builder but offers slow and steady increase in muscle mass and strength. The positive benefit of this compound is observed when it is used for long cycles, generally lasting 10 weeks. Muscle gained will not just be smooth, it will be solid and defined as well. As water bloat here does not contribute largely to the muscle’s diameter, much size gained on Equipoise cycle can be ideally retained after the compound has been stopped for usage. equipoise

One of the amazing features of Equipoise is that it can easily stimulate erythropoieses i.e. the increase of red blood cells. Mechanism for such an effect has been linked with stimulation of erythropoietin stimulating factor that then stimulates bone marrow. The outcome is increase in the red blood cells that results in more haemoglobin and higher capacity to carry oxygen. Equipoise like the other anabolic steroids can even cause changes in the electrolytes due to its mineralocorticoid properties.

Usage, dosage and benefits of Equipoise

How this drug actually went from use by horses to human beings is still not known. However the fact is that it does not have the potent anabolic function and low androgenic function and is thus beneficial for building up muscle mass. Equipoise can even cause great water and sodium retention when taken at higher doses. Like the other anabolic steroids, the drug increases protein synthesis and nitrogen balance. It is further known for stimulating kidney and can easily release EPO which further stimulates red blood cells synthesis in bone marrow.

Equipoise does not cause immediate or fast weight gain as well. It is slower than other anabolic steroids. Muscle mass is generally gained in about 4 to 8 weeks time. Majority of the bodybuilders observe that weight gain is longer lasting after various cycles, with every cycle lasting for 8 weeks or so. The best part about Equipoise is that weight gain is all muscle mass and not at all linked with water.

Equipoise further enhances nitrogen retention in muscles that in turn encourage formation of the muscles. It even hastens protein build-up with accompanying perceptible gain in appetite. It even appears to have resemblance in potency to nandrolone, which is another kind of steroid.

The common dose for Equipoise ranges between 400 and 800 mg each week. It has long retention time in body fluid that range around half a year to a year and a half. Last but not least, Equipoise can offer completely redefined status to stamina, performance, muscle mass enhancement and aggression along with helping the sportsmen to recover from injuries and workouts.

So, what are you waiting for? Ask your doctor today for using Equipoise for achieving the best of bodybuilding results.




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