Elaine Ranzatto will bring knowledge of the Arnold Classic to Angola

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Brazilian fitness athlete and businesswoman Elaine Ranzatto, who won the “Personality of the Year” award for her pioneering role in Angola and taking the name of the country abroad, will travel to the Arnold Classic South America, the world’s largest multi-sport event, Will be held at the Transamerica Expo Center, in São Paulo, between April 21 and 23, to bring even more knowledge to Angola.

“My goal is to pass more fitness knowledge that we have learned and perfected in Brazil to Angola.  And in addition to training athletes in Angola, also bring them and bring them closer to the Brazilian public, “says the Brazilian who lives in Luanda, the capital of Angola.

Elaine Ranzatto Rewards and achievements

Elaine Ranzatto
Elaine Ranzatto

In addition to coaching new talent, Elaine Ranzatto works with major fitness companies in Brazil and Angola.  She spoke about the excitement of winning the “Outstanding Personality of the Year” award, considered the highest award in Brazil and which honors revelations of journalism and the artistic medium.

“I am very happy to receive this award.  I arrived in Angola to take care of the business management of the Luanda Sport Center and in six months was already in charge of the direction of the same, leading all areas.  Implemented an aggressive marketing in the country to show what is fitness world, what is bodybuilding itself in professional terms and I started an intense work of trying to change habits in the lives of Angolans.  They did not have information about how to feed themselves, how to train, how to take preventive health care.  My first interview on this great evolution in the country was on the TV show of Fair Play TV Zimbo talking about how I managed to introduce this to the lives of Angolans,”says the blonde of 37 years.

“I did the first mini-marathon in the country in 2013, taking 1,000 people registered on the streets and mobilizing athletes from various provinces of Angola.  It was a great success.  After this great event that was marked in the history of the sport in Luanda, I implemented other events that were not divulged here like the bodybuilding and fitness contest Miss and Mister Angola.  We did the first parade with fitness clothes encouraging the women to train more beautiful and feminine because there was no culture to put the belly out and get ready to go to the gym in 2014. I created the first fitness model championship in 2013 and the second edition in shape More glamorous in 2016. Every weekend we create free events for people to train and teach to prevent diseases through training and changing habits, “adds Elaine Ranzatto , director of MF Models Angola and a bodybuilding athlete.

Angola Olympia

“I went to several TV programs to talk about various topics in the area such as bodybuilding for women, danger of using steroids without knowledge of the subject, food and competitions, always alerting the population to how important it is to take care of health and that the woman can Go to the gym without getting a male.  I brought athletes from Brazil to perform in Angola.  We brought Carla Carra, IFBB athlete, Allan Niterói, who today lives here teaching muay thai and preparing Angolans to fight outside, Fred Gracie, who opened his school in partnership with me taking brazilian jiu jitsu to Angolans, as well as the passer and teacher Of fitness group Jordana Trocha.  I brought several Brazilians who came, did their job, got married here and made their lives.  I also presented for two years the largest bodybuilding event in the country: Angola Olympia.  In 2016 I became a professional, I won eight titles in the categories fitness model and muscle model and I became a professional athlete “concludes the fitness athlete and Brazilian businesswoman.

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