Dinitrophenol Use in Bodybuilding

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Dinitrophenol Overview

Competitive weight lifters and body builders are always looking out for products that promote leanness. This is where dinitrophenol comes in. Commonly known as DNP, it is an extremely powerful drug for burning fats. It is referred as one of the best compounds of earth that burns fats at the highest rates. However, it should be properly used to avoid the side effects that come with excessive use. The fat loss power presented by this compound is totally tremendous.

Dinitrophenol powder
Dinitrophenol powder

History of DNP – Dinitrophenol

It was first discovered in the 1930s and became one of the leading substances for fat loss in the market. In fact, it has been regarded as the most effective compound for burning fats every manufactured. It was also the first loss medication used in the U.S. it was initially used for igniting TNT.

According to a study released by Stanford University in 1931, the drug had amazing powers for ensuring weight loss. As a result, it became widely used in many diet medications and potions. At that time, there was minimal regulation controlling diet pills and medications. As such, it was readily available over the counter and could be purchased by anyone. However, it was later banned by the FDA from being used in diet pills and medications.

When compared to the current drugs used for dieting, the results are astounding. The ECA stack which is a popular dieting drug can increase metabolic rate by around 3%. However, DNP produces more than 50% increase in metabolic rates.

It does not produce the anorectic effects that are sometimes associated with thermogenic agents such as ephedrine. It also tends to increase hunger, especially a craving for carbohydrates. However, this problem can be easily solved through the use of appetite suppressants. Some people even use ECA to solve this problem when using DNP.

However; it was later pulled from the market. People looking for this powerful substance can still obtain it. It is highly regarded in the competitive body building industry, which explains why it is still relevant even today.

How DNP is used

The effects of dinitrophenol are straightforward and simple. It leads to loss of bodyweight and tremendous fat loss. Its effects are so powerful that it can lead to it can ensure loss of a full pound of fat in a single day. This is not body weight, but actual body fat that most body builders love to shed. In a few weeks, DNP can trigger more than twenty pounds of fat in a few weeks.

That is the main effect of DNP, loss of pure body fat and water weight in some instances. There are no additional traits presented by the drug which are beneficial to human beings. Although it is sometimes known as a performance enhancing drug, it does not contain any anabolic properties. This compound does not help any individual enhance strength or build muscle. Additionally, the drug does not enhance any athletic performances. Therefore, it is not advisable to take the drug for any performance related uses. In fact, the performances will be diminished since the drug seems to drain energy.

Users are not advised to engage in any extreme activity since the drug produces excessive amounts of heat in the body. However, this heat does not affect the body temperature in any way. The heat is immediately thrown off from the surface of the body. When adequately used, it only raises the body temperature to about 1%. This is good for the sensitive tissues in the body and the central nervous system.

In a performance setting many people compare its fat loss power compared to other medications that are commonly used. The two main medications that are used to aid fat loss in many performance enhancement areas are Cytomel and Clenbuterol. Both compounds are highly effective.

While the two compounds are safer than DNP, the same cannot be said when it comes to fat loss. Dinitrophenol is much more effective and dramatic when it comes to fat loss, compared to both cytomel and clenbuterol. DNP can be effectively used without leading to the deaths that are most feared by most people.

DNP is used in industry as a raw material for the manufacture of dyes, wood preservatives and explosives, as well as plant and insecticides.  DNP is absorbed effectively through the digestive tract, the skin and the lungs.  In industry, it has caused poisoning, and even death, when people have been in contact with the skin or injected the substance through the air.

DNP Side Effects

Poisoning symptoms caused by DNP can be  severe nausea, vomiting, fatigue, difficulty in breathing and difficulty breathing, sweating, high fever, increased heart rate, chest pain that results from heart, headache, restlessness and cramps.

The difference between a dose that gives the fat-burning “dieting effect” and a dose that leads to death is small.  Different persons’ sensitivity to DNP is also very different.

Prolonged use may cause starvation or life threatening agranulocytosis (decreased white blood cell count).  You can tolerate DNP for months without clear side effects, but the user can then suddenly die in DNP poisoning


Dinitrophenol, commonly known as DNP is fat loss drug that has been in use for more than 80 years. It is a very effective compound for cutting huge amounts of fat within a short time, when used in adequate amounts.

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