Dbol Side Effects and Benefits

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Dbol Side Effects are many

Dbol Side effects or Dianabol is a steroid that is highly familiar to those who are inclined towards bodybuilding. This steroid is also known by other names such as Dianabol and D-bol. Dianabol was actually the brand name of the steroid’s compound which is Methandrostenolone.

Although Dianabol is no longer being produced by Ciba, the original pharmaceutical and chemical company in Switzerland that manufactured it, the brand name stuck and so did its shortened forms, because of the popularity that the steroid gained.

Dbol Side Effects
Dbol Side Effects and Benefits

As such, even when the steroid is currently produced by so-called black market or underground laboratories, it is still referred to as Dianabol or Dbol.

Why Did Dianabol Become Popular?

Steroids are popular, not only among bodybuilders, but also among those who desire to have more physical strength, such as boxers, basketball players, and other athletes. This is not to say however, that all athletes, professional or not, resort to steroids. But it is true that a steroid such as Dianabol can seem very, very attractive because its use is equivalent to gaining body strength and increasing muscle mass.

For those reasons, bodybuilders are among the ones who have taken Dianabol orally, or through an injection. Dianabol became very useful to bodybuilders, helping them with their endurance while lifting weights and supplementing other body building activities.

Dbol  Side effects – Is it Safe?

To gauge whether Dianabol is safe or not, you first have to understand that the steroid is a derivative of the hormone testosterone, which naturally occurs in males and females, although production is more prominently found in males.

Testosterone is required by the male body for the maintenance of certain functions such as the growth of body and facial hair, the growth of the reproductive system, and the formation of a deep voice, among other things.

It would seem that the natural production of testosterone in the body would be enough for bodybuilding purposes, but such is not the case, especially among those who regard bodybuilding as a competitive sport. It takes a lot of energy, body mass, and muscles to be able to perform bodybuilding actions such as the repeated lifting of progressively increasing weights.

One of the more popular bodybuilders, Arnold Schwarzenegger (who later on became a famous Hollywood star as well as a politician) initially denied that he had used steroids to further his bodybuilding career. However, in succeeding interviews, he opened up to having used steroids before, and even mentioned that he did not regret it.

Dianabol Side Effects

Steroid usage is often denied because steroids are seen by many as giving professional bodybuilders and athletes an unfairly high and powerful competitive edge. Added to that are the risks involved in using steroids such as Dianabol. Dbol Side Effects such as acne, breast enlargement, increased male pattern baldness, bloating and puffiness in the face and neck because of increased water retention. Dianabol has also been observed to be hepatotoxic, which means it can be a chemical cause for liver damage or injury.

As such, while there are benefits to be gained, there are also risks when using Dbol, so, if you are considering using it, tread with caution.

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