Customs staff discovered a record amount of anabolic steroids

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Steroid bust sets record
Tax and Customs agents found a ship bound for Finland in June twice in the motor vehicle through a large amount of drugs that are likely to anabolic steroids.

On 25 June, held a customs post in Northern Tax and Customs personnel detained the man, whose passenger port terminal D-1009 bottle was found in a ship bound for the vehicle (10 ml), 150 ampoules (1 ml) and 198 packs (10 mg) drugs, which were hidden in crates of alcohol .

steroid bust
steroid bust

A few weeks earlier, another family member tried to bring the mattress hidden inside a car over 9540 ampoules (1 mL and 1.5), 100 bottles (10 ml) and 1,400 tablets.

“Final clarity on substances contained in packages arrive after expertise.  In any case, we can already say that it is a record amount, “explained the organization of the Department of tax and customs duty manager Urmas Koidu.  Until now, doping has been found on the border in a few cases.

Anabolic steroids containing medicines may be used in treating patients who have, for example, muscle-wasting disease.  Their muscle mass and athletic performance-enhancing effects will make them attractive to the doping agent and forgets the negative side effects on health.  Dopingaine alcohol can damage internal organs, cause sexual inability in men, and breast enlargement, however, women with excessive hair growth or baldness.

“Estonia does not have any authorization for medicinal products containing anabolic steroids.  Such drugs can be sold only on medical prescription and Drug Administration granted the use of unauthorized medicinal products authorized under licensed pharmacy.  Sports clubs, shops, on the Internet and elsewhere outside of pharmacies selling anabolic steroids are illegal and punishable, “explained the head of the Agency’s Division of Supervision Liis fugitive from justice.

When traveling, anabolic steroids containing the drug must always be accompanied by a medical certificate or a doctor’s prescription, which confirms that your doctor has prescribed a particular individual drug use.



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