Common Bodybuilding Injuries Women Should Avoid

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So you had that sensational feeling when you went into the fitness class for the first time and then after a week you ended up on couch. I know how it feels to drop dead when on a fitness regime but it is your mistake not to research properly about bodybuilding injuries.

Workouts for a fit body are essential but it is equally important to do them in the right form. You can witness serious pain if you are not working out correctly. It is better to be knowledgeable than breaking your bones during an exercise. Here are the most common bodybuilding injuries which you can avoid easily.


Most common injuries which result from boxing related fitness exercises are strains and sprains of the wrist. Especially women who are exercising for stronger wrists it is necessary to wrap them properly. Wrapping is necessary to support tendons and bones of the wrist and to avoid injuries.

Make sure your wrist is straight when you are wrapping it, at least wrap 3 times before boxing practice. Make sure the fabric of the wrap is of best material. Also if you are doing boxing practice for the first time then pay attention to your posture.


Bodybuilding Injuries
Bodybuilding Injuries

Another workout that women usually opt for is cycling. The common injury with cycling is the knee pain or injury and with time it can cause an underlying condition of knee injury.

To avoid injury you should adjust the seat of cycling is such a way that your knee is in right position when you are paddling. With every stroke of peddle your knee should bend 30-degree. This is how you should cycle in order to avoid the knee injury.

Resistance Training

One of the most common bodybuilding exercises; resistance training needs very much attention on your part. You need to watch that the weight you lift and the reps you maintain while resistance training.  The common injuries which result are muscle strains as well as repetitive stress injuries.

The best way to avoid this kind of injury is to vary the exercises of the regime so that you do not overstress yourself. Incorporate varying movement patterns like lateral, up and down and forwards and backwards with small reps to avoid any sort of injuries.


The ideal and most influential mode of workout for ladies is yoga. We all know what benefits can be enjoyed when you practice yoga asanas provided you do them right.

The yoga asanas can work magic for you if you do them in the right manner. Therefore it is necessary that you perform the poses the right way. Best tip which we can give you is to spread your fingers wide when performing a pose. Also try to bring the weight focus on the finger tips so that you can avoid any injury to the wrist. To avoid pain in the spine try to lengthen it up and away from your hips. Use blankets when doing floor stretches to avoid spine rounding.

Therefore ladies pay attention to these injuries so that you don’t end up your fitness plan resting on a couch.

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