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Brian Shaw Strongman General Overview

Brian Shaw Strongman was born as Brian Shaw on February 26, 1982 (33 years) in Fort Lupton, Colorado. He is an American professional strongman athlete and was recently announced as 2015’s world’s strongest man.

Apart from that, Shaw also has the 2011 & 2013 World’s Strongest Man titles under his belt.

Physically, Brian Show Strongman stands a full gigantic 6ft 8inches ( 203m ) tall and weighs close to 200kg at 434lbs.

Brian Shaw Strongman
Brian Shaw Strongman

Early and Childhood

Brian Shaw Strongman was born in Fort Lupton, Colorado to a family of people of exceptional stature. His father Jaw Shaw stands 6ft tall while his Mother just under 6ft at 5ft 11inches tall. Shaw attended Fort Lupton Highschool, where he excelled in basketball considering he was 6ft 5inches tall at only 15. By the time of his graduation, Brian Shaw Strongman weighed over 240lbs.

After high school, Brian went to college at the Otero Junior College in Colorado.While he was in college, he met and built close ties with the current NorthWestern state coach, Bob Austin. He also played basketball on campus and was one of the captains of the Rattlers in his Sophomore year.

After Otero, Brian Shaw Strongman was awarded a full basketball scholarship to Black Hills State University, where he later received a Bachelor’s degree in Wellness Management. Even during his basketball career, Brian always found himself naturally powerful and strong. He used to spend long hours in the weight room, training and developing his muscles. Something that parted way to his glorious career as a strongman athlete


Brian Shaw Strongman began his amateur career at the age of 23. In his first competition at the Denver Strongman Contest in 2005, he stunned the judges by scooping the top prize, despite the fact that he hadn’t received any prior formal training. His career bloomed further when in June 2006 when he earned a place in the professional ranks. This meant that Shaw now had the rare chance of sharing the stage with some of the world’s strongest men.

In February 2009, Brian Shaw Strongman participated in the Fortissimus.- the famed Strongest Man On Earth Competition. The Fortissimus were held in Canada, and Brian came is 3rd, being the only man who was able to lift 6 Atlas stones that weighed between 300-425 lbs.

In September the same year, Brian attended his 2nd Strongest Man Competitions, which were held in Valletta. The competitions pitted him against world class superstars such as Zydrunas Savicus- who won the title. Nonetheless, Brian Shaw was still placed runners-up only two points behind Savicus. The podium finish in such a world stage saw Brian Shaw Strongman receive global fame and popularity.

Before the competitions, Randell Strossen of IronMind had predicted Brian Shaw Strongman’s eclat performance when he told Journalist, ” Brian is one of the favorites athletes likely to win this Championship. He is the right package, and if he can stay healthy, then there’s no predicting how far he could go.”

The Turning Point

Living up to his fans expectations, Brian Shaw qualified for the final run of 2010’s World Strongest Man competitions. The event, which took place in Sun City, South Africa, saw Brian and Zydrunas tie for the leading position. However, Brian lost the coveted title to the Lithuanian on countback basis.

In October the same year, Brian Shaw Strongman attended the Giants Live Istanbul contest but was again ranked 2nd closely behind Savicus.

2010 was a busy year for Shaw, considering that in November the same year, he participated in the inaugural championships of the Jon Pall Sigmarsson Classic and this time round he clinched the top position.

In December, Brian Shaw Strongman attended his 2nd Strongman Super Series competitions that were held in the Swedish Grand Prix. He later became the new Super Series champion after he was announced the overall winner on 18th December 2010. After this, his star has never dimmed.

In Early 2011, Brian Shaw Strongman extended his lead when he finally proved himself in the competitive World’s Strongest Man competition. Unlike in the past competitions, Brian Shaw Strongman lead Zydrunas for a tie in the first place. In the faceoff between these two giants, Shaw was declared the winner on the merit of countbacks.

The 2013 edition of the World Strongest Man competitions was even more different. This time, Brian Shaw Strongman led Zydrunas into the finals and beat him comfortably in the last round, which involves lifting Atlas Stones. The win underlined his status as the World Strongest Man of all time.  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

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