Bodybuilding Diet For Women defined

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The Bodybuilding diet for women

It has been noted that diet for women is different from men when we talk about achieving bodybuilding goals. Though the difference is not that huge but yes, it is significant enough to say that bodybuilding diet for women should not be the same like men. Here we discuss the diet or food plans that women should follow in order to enjoy the best of bodybuilding benefits.


Proteins are something that is vital in any bodybuilder’s diet. Good sources of protein are eggs, chicken etc. The women bodybuilders need to have adequate amount of proteins in their diet in order to achieve the bodybuilding goals.

Understanding women diet for bodybuilding

You further need to understand that bodybuilding nutrition and diet is a number game. Generally women require lesser calories as compared to men because of their low body weight. However this is not the case as with a bodybuilding diet for women. You require extra calories in order to build and grow muscles but you should keep in mind that you do not take so many calories that you start gaining fat from it.

Calories serve to be the most vital factor in your daily diet and after that it is the chance of macronutrients i.e. carbs, fat and proteins. You can stick with a gram per pound protein recommendation and then divide the rest of daily calories between fat and carbohydrates.

How to go about it?

When dieting for some bodybuilding contest, your carbs, fats and calories should be low. For this, you can start the day with Omlette made from mixed vegetables. You can also try making mixed green salad for the lunch and top it with grilled chicken, some pinto or kidney beans and olive oil. You can further dine on lean steak with broccoli, cauliflower and carrots in evening and easily snack on some protein shake, cottage cheese and nuts if you feel hungry through the day. You need to remember to adjust the serving portion to fit your weight as well as calorie needs.

So, following such a diet can help women to enjoy bodybuilding results fast. But at the same time you need to remember that this diet won’t help alone. You even need to have a proper exercising and bodybuilding schedule in order to achieve results. With that being said, women also need to keep in mind that their exercises and workout should be different from men and they should not follow anyone blindly. As the body composition and structure of each individual is different, so the diet, nutrition and workout required will also be distinct.

Things to keep in mind

Make sure that your instructor or mentor helps you find the best suitable workout plan and diet for you so that you can enjoy bodybuilding results in no time. Women diet and nutrition plays a very crucial role in deciding overall bodybuilding goals and needs. Women should also make sure that they do not indulge in extra strenuous activities because they might damage their tissues and muscle if overtraining is done.

Thus, pay a lot of emphasis on proper, balanced eating and it will surely pave way for the best of bodybuilding results.

Bodybuilding Diet For Women
Bodybuilding Diet For Women


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