Biggest Bodybuilding Mistakes To Avoid

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We all may have been there at some time or the other, whether you are a newbie or inexperienced bodybuilder or going to the gym for the very first time. Are you nervous about how to go about it and what to do? Here we bring to you the top bodybuilding mistakes that you should avoid at all costs. These mistakes are often committed by many people and are thus to keep a check on. Committing these errors is nothing new as sometimes even unknowingly or unintentionally people indulge in some wrong bodybuilding training methods.

Getting advice and help from the professional trainers or experienced co-trainers is surely a superb approach to prevent the major bodybuilding mistakes. Another useful way to keep such mistakes at bay is to read the bodybuilding and fitness editorials and use the tips mentioned there.

Doing the exercises on your ownBodybuilding Mistakes

Now you will think that this point is obvious but you need to keep it in mind. We have seen many people getting injured and ending up quitting going to the gym forever. There is always a right and a wrong way to do all sorts of exercises and so it is important to learn and know the right ways. Irrespective of how many editorials you may have read or videos you may have watched, having a trainer by your side always helps so that you can get to know how to perform each exercise correctly and properly.

Sticking to small weights

While getting fitter and stronger is very crucial, poundage is surely a progress killer. Most of the bodybuilders use heavy weights that they cannot manage properly. So, it is good to cut back the weights by around ten percent and tighten up the exercise technique to make it impeccable. Then you can gradually start building the weights back so as to maintain the ideal technique.

Not changing the routine

Some people seem to carry out same workout session all the year round. If your goal is to have long lasting results, you will have to change your workout schedule every 2 -3 months or so. You may observe that your lack of change in the routine may be the reason behind unsatisfactory results. Thus, varying the routine does not just mean that you need to change every exercise for all body parts, if you see that a particular exercise works great for you, you can simply change the intensity, grip or angle to spice up the results.


Training for more time than required, carrying out many sets for specific body parts too often are all the symptoms of excessive or overtraining. You believe it or not, exercising much is ineffective and will not yield any results.

To enjoy optimal results from your training, train on a regular basis and ensure that the workouts you carry out are balanced so that each body part gets proper and equal emphasis. Always remember that you do not have to do gazillion sets per exercise to get good results. Just make sure that you do them in your limit and you do them the right way.

So, keep all these bodybuilding mistakes in mind and you will be able to achieve great results without causing injury or stress to your body.

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