Big D Pharma busted – steroid trafficking ring broken up

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Eighteen people were indicted in a steroid trafficking ring under the name Big D Pharma. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, orders were made through websites maintained in foreign countries, then set to customers through the mail. Once in Central Florida, they were often sold right on the street.

David Arroyo, 40; Vincent Sperti, 36; John Walker, 41; Jeffrey Berrios, 43; Hunter Rawls, 36; Jeffrey Walker, 22; Jason Bergstresser, 26; Christopher Eaddy, 43; Allison Eaddy, 32; John Erber, 41; Brea Tato, 40; Eric Boccard, 41; and Robert Gonzalez, 42 are charged with conspiracy to manufacture, distribute, and possess with intent to distribute controlled substances.

Big d pharma
Big d pharma busted

Along with Arroyo and Sperti, Guillermo Otero, 31; David Centeno, 29; Steven Groden, 36; Melissa Sperti,33; and Santiago Rios, 41 are charged with conspiracy to conduct international money laundering.

Arroyo, also known as “Big D,” is the first name listed on the document.

“Arroyo was the main guy. Sperti was the number two. They were the two ringleaders in this whole thing,” DEA Agent Jeff Walsh explained.

Agent Walsh says the organization was in business for the last five years under the name Big D Pharma. The people allegedly involved in the trafficking ring reside in Orlando, Lake Mary, Longwood, Heathrow, Winter Springs, Deltona, and  Mount Dora.

“They were acquiring the steroids and or the material to make the steroids via the mail from China, and that is where the U.S. Postal Service is a key component to the operation.”

He says the steroids were sold on the streets, parking lots, websites, gyms and individual homes. According to Walsh warehouses were set up in the Orlando area to manufacture and house the illegal drugs, which included oral capsules and injectable steroids.

Big D Pharma wasn’t a small steroids in the gym operations. They made a million dollars a year for the last five years.”

He says steroids affect the hormones and temperament causing  agitation among people in the community.

“One of the significant by products of steroids is ‘roid rage.’  We know it affects personality and these people are using steroids, and they’re driving cars and going to work under that influence so it becomes a safety issue,” said Walsh.

According to the indictment, members used fake names and false identities, as well as different postal facilities to pick up money and drugs throughout Central Florida.

Besides the U.S. Postal Service, Walsh also credits the U.S. Marshals  Office and FDA for assisting in the investigation.

“The methods they were using to remit the money back to China were violations of Federal money laundering laws.”

If convicted, each could face a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.


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