Best Protein Foods For Bodybuilding

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Best Protein Foods

For a healthy body we all know nutrition is a must. Whether an elder, a youngster or a kid for proper growth of the body it is very important that there is proper level of proteins in body. Especially for healthy muscle building protein diet is a must. But before you run to conclusions that simply taking in any amount of protein will help you then it is wrong.

It is strictly advised that the amount of protein taken should be based on your daily calorie intake and daily activity levels. Best advice which can be given is to consult your doctor about the amount of proteins you can intake. Based on the recommendation you can easily plan your diet using the best protein foods. Here we list some of the best foods which are rich in protein and can be part of your diet.


Best Protein Foods
Best Protein Foods

Ask any bodybuilder about his diet and first thing he will recommend is the eggs. Rich in proteins one ounce of it contain almost 6g of protein which helps a lot with muscle building. Just keep in mind that you are not including saturated fat in your diet. Foods like cheese, milk and red meat along with other dairy products.

Chicken Meat

Red meat has proteins but contains high amount of saturated fat. Instead you should include turkey and chicken in your diet which makes high on protein. Also they are rich in Vitamin B, tryptophan and phosphorous. All these nutrients help body to build muscles better and easier.


Another major source of protein is fishes make them regular diet of yours and you will need no supplement to compensate proteins level in your body. With no carbohydrates fish is ideal for muscle building without any extra weight gain. Best varieties like salmon and trout sardines are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids good for heart. However it is recommended that you do not eat fish more than thrice a week as it is high in mercury.

Nuts and Cheese

With nuts you get your daily dosage of quality protein along with good fat. Peanuts, almond and peanut butter all are very good for muscle building. Cottage cheese is another major source of proteins which should be present in your diet. Include cheese which is made from skimmed milk as it is low on fat which is necessary.

For Body Builders

For body builders there is additional requirement of proteins. They need to pump up their protein intake for which some supplements can be of great help.

Whey Protein

Before and after workout the whey protein is best to intake as it is easily absorbed by the body. With highest biological value this protein is best to be used. It is also source of BCAA or branched chain amino acids which are essential for body building.

Milk is also best for body builders as it is a complete food with all the major ingredients. Apart from these food items you can also try protein supplements.

Just make sure you are including enough protein in your diet for healthy body growth.


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