Best Chest Building Techniques

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Best Chest Building Secrets
One of most difficult workouts is to build bigger pecs. Seriously you need to put in efforts to enhance your chest which can be very intimidating. If you are profusely working out on building your chest then you definitely need to look at your approach. With a healthy and muscle building diet you will need some workout techniques which can help you to build better pecs.

I can suggest you some tried and tested chest exercises which will definitely benefit. Just take care of one point that you always take care of the postures which doing these exercises.

Push Ups

Gym goers easily ignore the importance of pushups. However pushups are very efficient shoulder and upper chest building exercises which can help you to get wider chest. Start with lying down on floor with your chest downwards. Pull your body up with your hands shoulder width apart and legs stretched backwards. Make sure your elbows are straight and then slowly lower your body.

Do around 15 pushups in a set and 3 sets will be enough for beginning. Start adding more reps as you gain strength.

Bench pressing

Bench pressing is most popular chest building exercise which is favorite of body builders. If you want wider and better chest you need to be bench pressing. For ideal bench pressing, lie on the bench with your feet flat on the ground and back straight with support from the bench. Ask your partner to load barbell with weight proportional to your strength levels. Then lower to barbell to the extent that it is around an inch above your chest. Now lift it back upwards straight. It is best to do 1-3 sets in one go with 8-12 reps. This pattern best supports blood flow of glycogen in the body which helps in burning calories and helps in muscle building.chest building

You can focus on upper pectoral muscles by inclining the bench. In the same way decline the bench to shift focus of the exercises to the lower pectoral muscles. If you want to have full rounded chest then all forms of bench presses are a must.

Bar Dips

Bar dips can be strenuous in the beginning but if you want to build a lot of chest muscles fast then there is no better exercise than bar dips. Make sure that you do this exercise on a wide parallel bar. Your grips should also be strong enough to support your body weight. Make sure you are not concentrating too much weight on your elbows.

Separate exercises

You need to focus on your separate pecs as well. For this lie down and take push up position then push up and transfer your body weight on your right foot and hand.  Maintain your left foot and hand in air and hold the position for 3 seconds. Repeat the whole exercise with your left hand and foot as well.

These are some of the best chest building exercises which are found to very effective.


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