Benefits Of BCAA For Bodybuilding

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BCAA or branched-chain amino acid supplements have gained a good will in bodybuilding community in the recent years. Unlike other bodybuilding supplements these products have many reports which favor their benefits and use by the bodybuilders. Not only for muscle building but most importantly for retaining the gained muscle mass these supplements come of great help. With use of BCAA supplements you can keep up with the muscle productions while cutting calorie intake at the same time.

Catabolic crisis

When you are on a diet you are burning fat but at the same time it becomes harder for your body to hold onto muscle mass. The leaner the body gets the more muscle breakdown takes place which is in oppose to bodybuilding.  Leaner body means there is decrease in production of proteins in the body as it requires less energy but this decrease also affects muscle production in body. If you are on a bodybuilding regime then your calories are very important. Catabolic crisis can be lethal for any bodybuilder.

Therefore you need a supplement which can help you to built muscles at the same time reducing fat accumulation in your body. BCAA

BCAA Benefits

To deal with this catabolic crisis the branched-chain amino acids like leucine come of great help. These amino acids increase the synthesis of proteins at the same time improve the efficiency of the cells synthesize proteins. This provides dual benefit and helps in increasing muscle production which benefits the muscle building goals. Also BCAAs reduce the protein breakdown rate which helps in maintaining the muscle mass by blocking breakdown pathways.

Another important benefit of BCAAs is that they can benefit your ability to work out more. BCAAs compete with tryptophan which is also an amino acid to run into brain pathways. Tryptophan is converted into serotonin once it enters into the brain. Serotonin is the compounds which brings the fatigue perception into body. Competing with tryptophan, BCAAs helps body to deal with fatigue and involve into more intensive workouts.

Many people suggest that BCAAs are overpriced and one can get the same benefits from consuming more whey proteins. It is not correct perception. Whey proteins take hours to be absorbed by the body. Even though there are BCAAs in these proteins as well but they are bound to other amino acids which affects their absorption rate as well. On the other side pure BCAAs are very simple compounds and they need no digestion. They are directly absorbed into the bloodstream which spikes amino acid levels impacting protein synthesis and muscle production. Taking BCAAs orally benefits most and you need not to use any injections or sprays.

You can very much benefit your muscle building goals with proper use of BCAAs. Studies show that these supplements help in muscle retention at the same time help with fat loss making your healthier. Therefore if you want to build muscles while decreasing your body fat then BCAA supplements are best for you.


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