Anadrol : Popular Steroid Of Choice

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Anadrol for maximum growth
Anadrol (Oxybolone) is very useful compound to the bodybuilder, ideally it is best used whilst at lower body fat levels. When Anadrol is added into the system, within a short space of time the body will begin to take on more visual size. If the body fat levels are too high and/or the water beneath the skin is not under control it can make you look worse, allot worse! If it is used at the right times and used correctly it can cause a physique to appear more impressive by looking larger/fuller and more vascular. UsingĀ anadrol in combination with Masteron and/or Aromasin is advised in bringing out the best look, obviously this will be in combination with other drugs/hormones in varying doses depending on the level and the user.

Anadrol combined with long esters

hemogenin anadrol

Anadrol is effective as a mass builder if utilised correctly, depending on the individual and his needs then combining with a Testosterone, Nandralone and/or Boldenone as far as steroids go is the best route to use it in this fashion.

Anadrol is best cycled in and out and not used for excessive periods, personally I would keep it under 15 weeks, ideally under 10-12 and have several weeks off it before re-using. In terms of the look it brings when used correctly, you may have a hard time stopping Anadrol as if used correctly it will make you look very impressive.

ItĀ also can be used whilst in prep to keep full and maintain a better look during the process and even more size, people vary in approach, some will use right throughout the prep, others may only add in the last few weeks when at low body fat levels and dry looking.

Anadrols lowest effective dose is around 50mg taken daily, doses can be taken once or twice daily, no need to do anything other than this in my experience. Doses can go much higher depending on the level of the individual and what they are aiming to do.

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